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Growing a Business

How Leaders and Their Teams Flourish Through Continuing Education

Further education is crucial in creating an enterprise that builds and maintains a competitive advantage.

Making a Change

3 Simple Ways You Can be Financially Educated For Free

Investing in yourself and paying for training is a great exercise for some entrepreneurs, but it isn't always possible for everyone. Follow these three methods to become financially educated, starting with nothing.

Health & Wellness

How to Bounce Back and Reinvent Your Post-Pandemic Self

These four strategies will help you emerge stronger from the 2020 train wreck.

Starting a Business

3 Lies They Tell You in School That Hurt You in Business

If you hold on to everything you learned at school, you'll fail in business. Here's what you need to unlearn.

Growth Strategies

Startup Spotlight: Dubai-Based Startup Student10x Wants To Be A One-Stop-Shop For Student Supplies In The UAE

From computer electronics that aid students in being better prepared for online classes, to various subject textbooks, Student10x, which is a part of in5's community of startups in Dubai, aims to work together with schools to provide students with school supplies at affordable prices.

News and Trends

B-Schools Need To Build Employability Rather Than Being Employment Exchanges

Most Indian B-schools are currently seen as a way to step up the career ladder and seek well-paid opportunities. And, this viewpoint can only be changed when B-schools start focusing on shaping mindsets of the students instead of being placement hubs


How Entrepreneurial Education Can Shape A Generation

Creating a generation of entrepreneurial experts must start at early education and remain an option throughout one's educational journey.


Live Learning is the New EdTech

Education sector is one such sector that has been redefined by the pandemic. It has forced millions of teachers out of the brick and mortar classrooms and into the digital landscape

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How to Prepare for NEET While Staying at Home

Some of the major Ed Tech platforms in the country are also offering free access to their online applications and their crash courses for the NEET aspirants. Here are some important NEET preparation tips that students should include while studying online

News and Trends

Rise Of EdTech And Effect on Generational Learning Curve

COVID-19 has expedited the technological transformation that was scheduled to occur in our lives sooner or later


How Should the Edutech Industry Preserve Momentum During and After the Covid-19 Cataclysm?

With students facing a severe discontinuity of their learning process, it is up to the e-learning platforms to supplement the educational loss of students as well as the professional void of teachers

News and Trends

How Online Learning will Change the Education System post Covid-19

Globally, over 1.2 billion children are out of the classroom, in their home right now. But this crisis shall not stop the learning and studies

News and Trends

Edtech Start-Up Which Offers Pay-After-Placement Raises INR 11.3 Crore

With a big chunk of management graduates in India deemed unemployable, Sunstone Eduversity seeks to make higher education accountable with a pay-after-placement model and working closely with recruiters.