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The Case for Never Selling Your Company

Did you start your own business to run it or to sell it?

Girish Navani

· 4 min read

Most Entrepreneurs Have 4 of the 5 Critical Success Traits, and That's Not Quite Enough

The drive to innovate and disrupt defines entrepreneurship but when what you've invented works, the opposite qualities are necessary.

Dixie Gillaspie

· 4 min read

3 Entrepreneurial Lessons to Learn From Kanye West

The innovators in music world are teaching young Americans some basics about breaking out on their own.

Eric M. Ruiz

· 6 min read

Beware of These 10 Franchise Ownership Myths

What to consider when weighing a decision to become a franchisee.

Joel Libava

· 5 min read

By the Numbers: U.S. Veteran-Owned Businesses (Infographic)

Veterans turn to entrepreneurship at greater rates than the rest of the population. Here's what that means for America.

Brian Patrick Eha

· 2 min read

807 Franchise Opportunities

Ready to be your own boss? Check out our list of available franchises and business opportunities.

Tracy Stapp Herold

· 2 min read

How Much Should You Pay Yourself?

For many small-business owners, the answer is probably more.

Randy Myers

· 5 min read

The Unasked Question: Should You Open a Business?

Entrepreneurship can be an expensive and thankless 24/7 endeavor that few people wind-up succeeding at. See if you're ready.

Carol Tice