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6 Strategies for Optimizing Cash Management When Starting a Business

Effective cash management is an indispensable skill for entrepreneurs. It plays a pivotal role in the success and sustainability of a venture.

Science & Technology

3 Considerations for Driving B2B Business in the Order-to-Cash Process

If the payment strategy doesn't keep up, the entire order-to-cash process sinks. Here's why.

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4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Deal with Cash Flow Problems in 2023

Cash flow problems can lead to all kinds of problems for small to medium-sized businesses — from non-payment of taxes to bankruptcy. Here are a few possible solutions for SMB owners when dealing with cash flow problems.


Why Giving Cash Back Will Bring Your Customers Back

Cash may be losing its luster as a payment tender, but it's a 'must have' when it comes to rewards program benefits and will be for the foreseeable future.

Growth Strategies

Here's Why Businesses Should Invest In Cashless Payments Systems Now

When talking about cashless payment systems, we should also recognize a marked improvement in the quality of the customer experience – no small feat!

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The Times They Are A-Changin: A Cashless Future Is Approaching Faster Than We Think

Only in a cashless society built by trustworthy players with dependable technology can we make sure everyone gets access to the right digital tools in new, authentic, and equitable ways.


Gateway To Growth: Monty Group's Mountasser Hachem Is Tapping Into The Multi-Billion Dollar Fintech Industry With MontyPay

By launching digital payment gateway MontyPay aims to negate the obsolete nature of existing payment gateways with a one-stop-shop approach to its services.


Is Travel Cash on Permanent Vacation?

Digital forms of payment are advancing all over the world, so is it any wonder that travel has become a largely cashless proposition?


Future of Cash: Impact of Covid-19 on Payments

Cashless payments could become a permanent fixture in the economic exchange ecosystem hereafter

Money & Finance

Why Does Warren Buffett Always Pay In Cash?

The answer is both simple and important for your company's future.

News and Trends

In Boost For Start-Ups, RBI Plans Alternative Retail Payments System

India's central bank has proposed a draft framework to set up an alternative digital retail payments entity, along the lines of the not-for-profit NPCI.


Grab Launches Numberless Cards for Payments

The GrabPay card comes without any numbers on the physical card - a feature that supposedly offers users "exceptional security"

Business News

3 Reasons Your Small Business Should Go Cashless

The debate continues, but there's plenty to be said for prioritizing mobile payments.


'Pay Later' Service Provider Simpl Partners with ICICI Bank, Looks To Expand Footprint

The Bengaluru-based start-up is now looking to partner with banking institutions as it targets expansion across channels and may enter international markets next year

News and Trends

How Vietnam Is Embracing the Cashless Revolution

The number of people making mobile payments in stores is growing fastest in the country