Nick Chandi

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
CEO & Co-Founder of ForwardAI

Nick Chandi is the CEO and Co-Founder of ForwardAI, and a serial entrepreneur. Before co-founding ForwardAI, Nick co-founded SlickPie, which provided online accounting software for over 40,000 small businesses worldwide. Nick had a successful exit from co-founded firm Welcome Networks in 2019.



80% of Businesses Fail Due To a Lack of Cash. Here are 4 Reasons Why Cash Flow Forecasting Is So Important

Cashflow forecasting helps businesses predict when issues may arise and allows them to take action proactively to avoid cash flow gaps.


How This New Accounting Feature Can Save Businesses From Fraud and Financial Mishap

Reconciliation has been a pain point for small businesses for a long time, but new technologies now enable payments companies like banks to automate the reconciliation process. The small business banking market in North America still leaves much to be desired, leaving room for innovative banks to differentiate themselves from competitors.

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