Keep Your Cats Happy With This $25 Automatic Toy

It moves and balances on its own so your cats can play with it for hours.

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A Couple Drove 2 Hours To Adopt a 'Depressed' Cat Named Fishtopher After a Tweet About Him Went Viral. Now, They Want To Use His Popularity To Help Other Shelter Pets.

The "depressed" cat named Fishtopher went viral after a Twitter user shared screenshots of his Petfinder profile.


Keep Your Cats Engaged While You're Working

This interactive toy is great for your feline friends.


Make Sure Your Cats Stay Hydrated While You're at the Office

KittySpring is a water fountain for your feline friends.


This Interactive Toy Is on Sale and Offers Tons of Fun for Cats

Keep your feline happy when you're not home.

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Pet Food Brand Mollybox Gulps $13 Million In Series B Funding

The startup's success is highly connected to China's rising pet market

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From 'Ow' to 'Meow': A Young Catpreneur Discovers Her Own Meaning of Success

Never start a business to prove your own self-worth. That's the lesson this entrepreneur learned -- the hard way.

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Want to Be an Entrepreneur? This Cat Parasite Might Help You

Toxoplasma gondii, a parasite found in cat poop, can influence behavioral changes in humans and other vertebrates


These Start-ups will Take Care of Your Pets When You Are Away, on a Trip

They are providing services like grooming, veterinary treatment and even find a perfect sitter for your pets

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'Catpreneurs' Unite at New York's First 'Cat Camp' Symposium

Love felines? Here are six cat-centric businesses that may give you the purr-fect idea for your own.


Some Non-Human Apps For Your Non-Human Friend

Startups that will make sure you have a happy petting experience.

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Curiosity Might Have Killed the Cat. But Don't Let It Kill You.

Ask questions! Without curiosity, there's no direction.

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3 Sharp Business Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Cats, Care of the Host of 'My Cat From Hell'

Jackson Galaxy imparts some wise advice inspired by our furry feline friends. Seriously, it's nothing to scratch at.

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Rough News For Cat Lovers: Your Cuddly Kitty Could Make You Prone to Fits of Rage

Watch out for cute little Mister Whiskers. He could be carrying a nasty parasite known to potentially tip off temper tantrums and other aggressive behaviors.