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Growing a Business

Joyce Clyde Hall

The Midwestern boy created the modern greeting-card industry, despite losing his first batch of Valentine's Day cards to fire--at a time when Christmas and Valentine's Day were the only card-giving holidays.

Business Ideas

Surviving a Seasonal Business

It takes a year-round effort to maximize profits in your peak season. Here are 4 principles to get you there.

Growing a Business

Running a Seasonal Business

Find out what smart tactics these entrepreneurs use to ensure the success of their seasonal businesses.

Growing a Business

The Best and Worst Holiday Bonuses

Sometimes it's a holiday; sometimes it's hell.


The ABCs of Offering Time Off

Not sure which holidays to offer employees off? Or how much sick time to give? Or what the government requires? This primer will help.

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Tis the Season

Learn how the holidays can help boost your eBay sales with our must-have tips, tactics and advice.


Franchising Profiles

Seasonal Franchises Will Deck Your Halls

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Bright Lights, Big Business

This Christmas Decor franchisee builds a business by being a real-life Santa's helper.


Seasonal Franchises

Part-time and secondary businesses that turn slow seasons into boom times