You Must Mail Your Packages By This Date If You Want Them To Arrive By Christmas

The USPS has released expected delivery dates for the month of December.

Emily Rella

Amazon will hire 150,000 temporary workers and pay them up to $ 3,000 just for signing

Amazon is competing with Walmart and other retailers for temporary workers amid a staff shortage in the US, offering a hefty hiring bonus and above-average salaries.

Shortage of supplies and containers could lead to shortages on Good End and Christmas

Given the shortage of containers that has occurred worldwide since mid-2020, various industrial sectors suffered damages in delivery times and logistics planning.

Last minute! WHO confirms that Santa Claus is immune to COVID-19 and will be able to distribute gifts

However, Santa and his reindeer will wear face masks and work with a healthy distance.

These Are 6 Great Gift Ideas You Can Give or Receive at Christmas

Always the same gifts: the horrendous sweater, the chocolate, the garment that you never hit on the size or the color or the design, or any other junk that ends up thrown away for years or worse, in the trash.

Germany Imposes Strict Christmas Quarantine to Curb Covid-19 Escalation

The European country will close schools and shops from this Wednesday until January 10, 2021 after registering more than 20,000 infections this Sunday.

6 Tips for Responsible Credit Card Use at the End of the Year

The use of credit allows you to face emergencies, enjoy goods and services if you do not have liquidity. You can even achieve savings, make investments or start businesses.


Chief Fabiana Calls for People to Celebrate the Holidays at Home

"We have almost reached the end of this year, but not of the pandemic," said the head of the IMSS Division of Nursing Programs.

WhatsApp: The new Christmas emojis are coming, discover what they look like

The instant messaging application is going to add more than 100 emojis so that you can personalize your Christmas messages this season.

These are the 7 dates you will sell more before the end of the year

The last two months of the year is about to begin. Are you going to waste it or will you prepare a strategy to close 2022 with force?