Clean Energy

Growth Strategies

Rapid Rollout Of Clean Technologies Makes Energy Cheaper, Not More Costly: Report

The report by IEA warns that the risk of price shocks does not disappear in clean energy transitions and that governments must continue to show vigilance on new risks that could affect energy security and affordability.

Science & Technology

8 Trends Shaping the Future of Grid Energy

Grid energy is essential to daily life. But the grids of tomorrow are going to look very different.

Green Entrepreneur®

5 Renewable Energy Sources To Look Out For in 2024 and Beyond

Let's break down several key renewable energy resources and what investors can look forward to in the 2020s.

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There Are a Ton of New Jobs In Energy. Are You Qualified to Fill Them?

A new study forecasts that 100,000 opportunities are there for the taking, but companies are having difficulty finding talent.

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The Evergreen Action Path to Reaching 100% Clean Energy

Can your business make the transition to a clean-powered future?


The Ocean Farmer: Nelson Vadassery

Nelson Vadassery started Seas6 Energy in 2010 along with Sri Sailaja Nori and Sowmya Balendiran under the expertise of Shrikumar Suryanarayan on the IIT Madras campus

News and Trends

Simple Energy Raises Over $20 Million Funding

The company aims at utilizing these funds in a phased manner to ramp up production of its much-awaited premium and affordable electric scooter, the Simple ONE

Business News

Amazon Will Open 19 Renewable Gas Stations

The latest fueling station in Illinois will provide 1.4 million gallons of sustainable fuel produced from organic waste.

Science & Technology

There's No Future in Technology or Sustainability Unless These 4 Things Change

There's no future in technology or sustainability without mining. Unless some things change, the industry won't be able to meet global demand over the coming decades.

Starting a Business

SolarMente, the startup that seeks to combine Blockchain technology with solar energy

The use and investment within the field of sustainable energies is growing imminently; that is why day by day we see new proposals within this industry.

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4 Downtrodden EV Stocks: Buy the Dip

Looking for stocks that deserve a hard look right now? Take a look at these four EV stocks.

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3 Clean Energy Stocks to Buy for a Green Future

In this article, we feature 3 clean energy stocks to buy for a green future.

Starting a Business

Meet BlocPower, the startup that dreams of green buildings throughout the United States

In addition to representing savings of up to 40% in energy consumption, there are studies that show that this type of system helps reduce the emission of carbon dioxide in up to 53% of the buildings in which it is installed.

News and Trends

Airtel Commissions 21 MW Solar Power Unit in Maharashtra

The captive unit will supply clean energy to Airtel's data centers and switching centers in the state and will reduce carbon emissions by 25,517 tonnes annually

Business News

FuelCell Energy Goes Up In Smoke

FuelCell Energy (NASDAQ: FCEL) is an interesting play on green energy technologies but the Q4 results prove only one thing, the market for this technology is tenuous because the technology...