3 Clean Energy Stocks to Buy for a Green Future In this article, we feature 3 clean energy stocks to buy for a green future.

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These Clean Energy Stocks Could Offer a Green Future for Your Portfolio

If the recent jaw-dropping rally in oil prices has reminded us of anything, it's that our need for renewable energy sources has never been greater. With oil prices elevated thanks to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the biggest countries in the world are in desperate need of energy independence. Whether it's wind, solar, hydroelectric, or other clean sources of power, it's safe to say that the companies offering these green energy sources could be in for a lot of growth in the coming years.
We know that fossil fuels still play a huge role in the global economy, but there are still a variety of reasons to be bullish about clean energy stocks for the long term. Keep in mind that a lot of major political leaders including Joe Biden are on board with investing big in alternative energy sources, which means there will be plenty of opportunities for businesses to take advantage of. With growing evidence of climate change and the trend of sustainability picking up steam, it makes a lot of sense to start looking at the best clean energy stocks to buy for a green future.
Here are a few stocks that standout:
No clean energy portfolio is complete without this leading electric vehicle manufacturer, which is the first clean energy company to cross the $1 trillion market capitalization mark. Tesla is a company with an instantly recognizable brand and a market-leading position in the EV space, which are both solid reasons to consider adding exposure. The company designs, manufactures, sells, and leases fully electric vehicles and energy generation and storage systems. Tesla's Model 3, Model Y, and Model S are among the best-selling electric cars in the world, and it's hard to bet against a man that is as dedicated as CEO Elon Musk.
Tesla shares have been on fire over the last few weeks after breaking out of a downtrend, and with the recent news that another stock split could be on the horizon subject to shareholder approval, this EV stock's rally could be on the verge of becoming supercharged. Regardless of the split news, Tesla has been putting up solid earnings growth over the last few quarters as well, which is a quality that can be difficult to find in renewable energy stocks. Most recently, Tesla reported Q4 revenue up 65% to reach $17.7 billion, which was the best figure in the history of the company. It's hard to chase Tesla after such a strong move over the last few weeks, but the stock is absolutely a strong buy-the-dip candidate to consider going forward.
Enphase Energy (NASDAQ:ENPH)
Next up is Enphase Energy, a company known for developing innovative and efficient home energy solutions. Enphase's microinverter technology is unique in that it offers a solar-plus-storage solution, which has helped the company develop a leading position in the solar roof panel market. It's worth noting that the company is in the midst of rolling out a new product, which could be another positive for the stock. Enphase's new IQ8 microinverter, which can supply power using the sun during outages even without a battery, result in stronger earnings next year and beyond.
In Q4, Enphase delivered record revenues of $412.7 million, up 17% sequentially, which is certainly impressive given the semiconductor component shortage. The company also recently announced that its micro inverter-based solar systems are increasingly being used in commercial installations by government and community organizations in Australia. This is a good sign that Enphase could have upside in international markets, especially with the current geopolitical events that are occurring. The bottom line is that with commodity prices this elevated, renewable energy stocks offer intriguing upside, with Enphase Energy standing out as one of the top-quality businesses to choose from.
Albemarle (NYSE:ALB)
Have you ever stopped and wondered what exactly goes into the batteries that power electric vehicles? It's lithium, a resource that can be expensive to come by unless you own the right land. That's a big reason why Albemarle should be on your radar, as it's the world's largest lithium producer with plenty of low-cost lithium-producing assets in areas like Chile. The company also has a global leading position in the production of bromine and is a major producer of oil refining catalysts, rounding out a solid business model in the specialty chemicals space.
Albemarle recently posted 12% adjusted EBITDA growth thanks to strong lithium prices and should continue to benefit from elevated commodity prices this year. Shares of this clean energy stock have been punished thus far in 2022, which means adding shares while they are well-off 52-week highs could be a nice option. Just keep in mind that lithium prices can be volatile, which translates to the potential volatility for the stock.

Tesla is a part of the Entrepreneur Index, which tracks some of the largest publicly traded companies founded and run by entrepreneurs.

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