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Crypto Winter Continues as Coinbase Prepares to Lay Off 20% of Staff

The start of the crypto market dive in June previously prompted the exchange to let go of 1,100 employees.


What is Happening In Crypto, What Happened to FTX and What Does It Mean for Web3?

An upheaval of "crypto giants" have ultimately failed to protect consumers, breaking trust in the developing world of Web3. Why is this happening and what is next?

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Former Coinbase Employee Arrested, Company Pushes Back on SEC's Legal Argument

Coinbase's Chief Legal Officer Paul Grewal disputed some of the agency's assumptions in a blog post.


Coinbase recorta personal y despide a nuevas contrataciones que ni siquiera habían empezado a trabajar en la empresa

Tras el colapso en el mercado de las criptomonedas, la empresa se ve obligada a hacer un recorte de personal que afecta incluso a quienes estaban por empezar a trabajar en ella.

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Coinbase CEO Says 'I Am Sorry' in Memo Laying Off Over 1,000 Employees

Amid economic turmoil, the company laid off 18% of its staff and extended a hiring pause.

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Crypto Giant Begins Rescinding Offers Amid Hiring Freeze as Market Continues to Tumble

Coinbase has maintained that its hiring freeze will continue indefinitely as the crypto market continues to head in a downwards trajectory.


Ya está operando Coinbase NFT, el marketplace que pretende democratizar la inversión en tokens digitales no fungibles

Coinbase anunció la puesta en marcha de la versión beta de la plataforma en la que se podrán adquirir NFT's de colecciones como Cool Cats y World of Women.

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Coinbase NFT is already operating, the marketplace that aims to democratize investment in non-fungible digital tokens

Coinbase announced the launch of the beta version of the platform where NFTs from collections such as Cool Cats and World of Women can be purchased.

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Coinbase Allows Users to Borrow up to $1 Million, Using Bitcoin as Collateral

Coinbase users can borrow as much as 40 percent of the value of the Bitcoin in their account, up to $1,000,000, and can use either their bank account or PayPal to access the cash with no fees.

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Coinbase Could be Sued by the SEC

"The SEC has told us it wants to sue us over Lend. We don't know why."


Dogecoin aumentó en más del 38%, alcanzando un récord

El valor de Dogecoin aumentó más del 38% el miércoles, alcanzando un máximo histórico de $ 0,69 en 24 horas.

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Dogecoin Surged by More Than 38%, Reaching a Record High

Dogecoin value rose over 38% on Wednesday, reaching a record high of $0.69 within 24 hours.