Coinbase plans to create a cryptocurrency-centric App Store

This was explained by the CEO of the company in a post on his blog.

Google Pay and Apple Pay Begin to Accept Cryptocurrencies in Their Transactions

Both companies are allowing users to add the Coinbase Card to their mobile payment services.

Dogecoin Surged by More Than 38%, Reaching a Record High

Dogecoin value rose over 38% on Wednesday, reaching a record high of $0.69 within 24 hours.

Fatma Khaled

What Does the Coinbase IPO Mean For Traders and Investors?

This is a watershed moment for digital currency.

Joe Sirianni

Coinbase Nearly Hit a $100 Billion Valuation, Making It More Valuable Than GM, Twitter and FedEx

Coinbase's initial market cap hit $85.8 billion this week, making it more valuable than some of the biggest American companies.

Justin Chan

Coinbase debut on Nasdaq: surpassed $ 100 billion capitalization, but soon lost a good chunk

On its IPO, Coinbase posted rapid gains and reached a price of $ 429 per share, but eventually closed lower.

Bitcoin Hits Record Just Before Coinbase Is Set to List on Nasdaq

Since the beginning of this year, the price of Bitcoin has more than doubled.

Justin Chan

SEC Allows Coinbase to List Shares on Nasdaq, Marking Huge Win for Cryptocurrency Supporters

The listing gives further legitimacy to the use of digital currency among investors.

Justin Chan

Cryptocurrencies Will Have Their 'Amazon Moment' After Coinbase Debuts on the Stock Market, Analyst Projects

The exchange's Wall Street listing could represent the beginning of cohesion between digital money and traditional finance.

Bitcoin Keeps Rising! It Exceeded $ 23,000 and This Is the Coinbase CEO's Advice for Investing in Cryptocurrencies

Just one day after reaching its all-time high, Bitcoin increased its value by 10.5% more, that's why we give you the tips from an expert to get into the cryptocurrency fever.