Consultants and Advisors

Starting a Business

The 3 Trusted Advisors Every Business Needs

Creating a robust and strategically placed network of trusted partners, experts and advisors to lean on as you grow your business.

Science & Technology

Should You Hire An AI Consultant? Here's When It's the Right Move, and When It's Not.

No one wants to get left behind, and there's a growing industry of AI consultants who want to help. But is it worth the investment?

Business Plans

How to Build a Team of Outside Experts for Your Business

Bringing in outside directors, advisors, and professional services provides numerous benefits, including insights, guidance, and credibility.

Business Plans

How to Hire the Right Business Plan Consultant

While they will cost you time and money, some experts believe strongly in the utility and value of hiring outside help to craft your business plan.


Leading By Example: Altruism Must Not Just Be Professed, But Practiced

An excerpt from "Getting to Resilient Mode," a book written by Tariq Chauhan, Group CEO of EFS Facilities Services Group.

Growing a Business

How to Become a Trusted Advisor to Clients and Drive Faster Decision-Making

The businesses that win are those with teams playing more advisory roles in client and customer relationships.

Resumes & Interviewing

How to Hire a Tech Team When You Don't Know Much About Tech

If you are not an IT specialist, it can be tough to bring on the right team to do what you need.


6 Benefits of Working With a Franchise Consultant or Broker

Expert advice is available to help you find the perfect franchise opportunity.

Franchise 500 Annual Ranking

Franchise Brokers, Referral Consultants and Career Coaches Can Help You Find the Right Business Opportunity

2022 Franchise Supplier Rankings: Top Franchise Brokers, Referral Consultants, and Career Coaches

Data & Recovery

2 Free Resources That Will Help You Avoid Paying Consultants

Where does a business owner go to find relevant analysis?

Thought Leaders

What Greek Mythology, Bill Gates and Blockbuster Can Teach Entrepreneurs About Turning Unknowns into Opportunities

"Unknown unknowns" are costly to entrepreneurs. Broad-focused advisors open doors conceptually, make advantageous introductions and provide alternatives, so the unknowns are transformed into opportunities.

Starting a Business

The Great Resignation: How to Quit Your 9-5 and Start a Consulting Business

Discover the three steps to confidently go from employee to entrepreneur.

Starting a Business

How Skilled Advisors Can Jumpstart Your New Venture

Look outside your board members for growth strategies.

Starting a Business

How to Create a Profit Multiplier for Your Consulting Business

Learn how to radically increase your revenue by solving more expensive problems.

Starting a Business

How to Start a Consulting Business: 3 Steps to Booking Your First Sales Call

Learn how to connect with your target audience - without cold calling.