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5 Tools to Stop Content Thieves From Robbing Your Site

If your content is being used without your consent, there are measures you can take to have it removed.

Olivia Rose

· 6 min read

7 Biggest Myths Business Owners Believe About Using Copyrighted Material

When it comes to copyright, how savvy are you? Here are the biggest misconceptions business-owners have about using copyrighted material.

Lindsay LaVine

· 5 min read

Using Someone Else's Intellectual Property Comes At a Price

In the IP wars, you have to figure out if a potential violation is worth the penalties you might pay.

Coeli Carr

· 7 min read

How to Defend Your Designs Against Knockoffs

There are many ways to fight copycats--and they may even lead to opportunities.

Caroline Tiger

· 8 min read

What Google's New Stance on Copyright Infringement Means to Your Business

Posting copyrighted material on your website could get you booted from search results.

Mikal E. Belicove

· 3 min read

White House Opposes Online Piracy Bills -- For Now

Obama administration puts the brakes on controversial legislation to punish 'rogue' websites that sell pirated content.

Jason Fell

Director of the Entrepreneur Partner Studio

Anti-Piracy Bill Could Do More Harm Than Good for Small Companies

The proposed 'SOPA' bill aims to put an end to online piracy, but those who oppose it say it could have negative implications for small businesses.

Jason Fell

· 3 min read

Protecting Your Knowledge -- and Your Business

If you're in the business of selling information -- from books and podcasts to seminars and consulting -- protect your information and your business with these legal steps.

Robert Skrob

· 5 min read

What Counts as Copyright Infringement?

Building a website? Don't get caught in a copyright mess.

Jane Easter Bahls

· 2 min read

Copyright Laws Regarding Product References

Guidelines for using product names in publications

· 4 min read