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Americans' Credit Scores Are Falling for the First Time in 10 Years — And There's a New Average. How Does Yours Compare?

The last time scores fell was between April and October 2013 when they dropped from 691 to 690.

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How to Choose a Credit Card for Your Startup

When considering the best business credit card for you, take time to weigh the rewards and benefits of each one to determine which card will grow with your business and understand your needs.

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How to Rebuild Credit After Bankruptcy

Rebuilding credit after bankruptcy as an entrepreneur can be challenging — but it is not impossible if you know how.

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5 Ways to Build Business Credit for a New LLC

Here are five tips for building business credit for your new LLC.


This Black Founder Stayed True to His Triple 'Win' Strategy to Build a $1 Billion Business

Wemimo Abbey and Samir Goel co-founded Esusu because "the color of your skin and your financial identity shouldn't determine where you end up in the wealthiest nation in the world."

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What Is a Good Credit Score and How Do I Get One?

Is bad credit holding you back? This article explains what constitutes a good credit score and how to raise your score if it's low.

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What Are All the Credit Score Ranges? Here's Your Go-To Guide

Is your credit score good enough to lead the life you want? We explain the various credit score ranges and how to boost your financial stability.

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The 6 Most Important Things to Do When Starting a New Business

You had a great idea and started a new enterprise, but what concrete steps can you take to ensure that it's successful?

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3 Credit Secrets That Will Help You Qualify for the House of Your Dreams

From avoiding common credit mistakes to the art of "piggybacking," how to make property ownership a reality.

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3 Credit Secrets Millionaires Use as Leverage

Time-tested ways to make yourself a better loan candidate.

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A 6-Step Guide to Building a Solid Credit Score

In these times of uncertainty, building and maintaining healthy credit is of paramount importance, and there are straightforward and time-tested ways of doing it.

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5 Ways to Get a Higher Credit-Card Limit This Holiday Season

Increase your card limit and snag all of the gifts on your list.

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Help Save Your Credit Score with Lexington Law's Credit Repair Service

Progrexion, a credit repair service from Lexington Law and, can help improve your credit score by eliminating blemishes for you.


Having a Good Credit Score Is Critical For Retirement

Here's a new rulebook of retirement planning

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Why Is My Personal Credit Score Used to Qualify for a Business Loan?

Tips and tricks to improve your score and help you get the loan that you need.