Defining Moments


Authenticity Is the Anchor for Successful Leadership Through Challenging Times

Genuine respect and support drive steady, confidence-inspiring leadership when navigating challenging seasons.

Business Ideas

What Makes an Idea Great? These 3 Key Elements Are the Answer

Great ideas rule the world, but what exactly constitutes a great idea? These three things will tell you.

Real Estate

How This New and Innovative Technology Is Disrupting the Real Estate Industry

Here's a breakdown of the latest technology that has significantly changed the real estate industry over the last few decades — and for the benefit of all involved.


How Businesses Can Harness the Power of Constant Digital Change and Become Stronger Than Ever

The economic and global crises of the past few years have affected brands of all shapes and sizes. Here are some steps you can take to create new digital capabilities that promote customization, scalability, innovation and stability.


What This Viral Art Exhibition Can Teach You About Boundaries and Redefining Success

The dystopian — and depressing — "Can't Help Myself" art exhibit in the Guggenheim Museum has taken TikTok by storm for its deeper meaning on burnout, but it has connections to how we run our businesses, too. Rather than focusing on achieving success, it's time to redefine what success truly looks like.


Use These 3 Growth Strategies for Your Business In This Bear Market

The current bear market means plentiful opportunities for businesses. Taking steps now could prepare you for the next bull market — and even give you an advantage.


Feeling Stuck? 5 Ways to Clear Your Mind and Be Your Most Productive Self

Most of us have experienced a mental block at the most unexpected (and inconvenient) time. Let's explore the signs of experiencing one and a few helpful hints to get rid of it.


What Industry Leaders Are Doing to Show Support for Diversity

If your organization has yet to send a message or make a statement about human issues affecting diversity, it's not too late.

Starting a Business

Shamus Jones of Brooklyn Brine: Don't Get Precious with Your Passions

Listen to your business to help it grow.