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Starting a Business

The Entrepreneur's Guide To Setting Up A Digital Assets Business In Dubai

Start your journey towards setting up a successful digital assets startup in Dubai with this guide built by the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy that features the key components of the setup journey.

Growth Strategies

Digital Assets And Crypto Infrastructure: How MENA Banks And Fintech Companies Can Tap Into An Opportunity Worth More Than US$400 Billion

Analyzing the promise of digital assets and cryptocurrencies for the region's banks and fintechs, and -ultimately- for consumers everywhere.

News and Trends

PYOR Raises $4 Million In Seed Funding

The company will use the funding to expand its core infrastructure and product platform, specifically by enhancing its interpretation layer for digital assets

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

Why Bitcoin's Brainchildren Face Vastly Different Fates

Both the Metaverse and DeFi are set for vastly different real-life utilizations.

News and Trends

Regulation Or Ban Of Cryptocurrencies Require Global Collaboration, Says Nirmala Sitharaman

The finance minister said that any legislation for regulation or for banning can be effective only after significant international collaboration on evaluation of the risks and benefits and evolution of common taxonomy and standards

News and Trends

KoinX Raises $1.5 Million In Seed Funding

The company claims that it aims to scale up the operations across India to serve more than 5,00,000 crypto investors by Q2, 2022

News and Trends

Rooba Finance Raises $1.3 Million In Seed Funding

The fund raised will be utilized towards the development of the platform, set up a licensed overseas platform and to enable a global GTM

News and Trends

Digital Assets Management Platform Liminal Raises $4.7 million in Seed Funding Round

The company plans to invest the funds in hiring and product development

News and Trends

Myraah Raises $350,000 In Pre-Seed Funding

Funds will be utilized to help Myraah build a Web3.0 platform that allows anyone to create their Web3 digital identity and manage their digital assets such as files, pictures, music, videos, notes, documents, NFTs, domains and websites

News and Trends

CypherCapital Inaugrates $100 Million Blockchain Fund

CypherCapital aims to invest 40 per cent of the seed fund on the emerging blockchain and crypto startups in India


Virtual Reality Would Make Your Life Easier

UmetaWorld is a social and virtual replica of the real world based on innovative VR technology

Science & Technology

The Security Change That Would Make Digital Asset Scams as Rare as NFTs

With the NFT industry gaining more traction from mainstream media, it's imperative that creators and collectors have a secure platform to protect their digital assets.


The Inception of Digital Assets and Growth of NFTs

NFTs arrived with a bang in India and they are here to stay as NFTs continues its rise to become a global phenomenon.

Money & Finance

NFTs Are So Much More Than JPEGs

From the moment the 'CryptoPunk #7523' digital pixel artwork sold at a June Sotheby's auction for $11 million, NFTs became an investor darling, but why, and what is their future?


Can Cryptocurrencies And Security Tokens Help Boost the Indian Economy?

Digital assets' regulation will play a major role in allowing hundreds of billions of dollars of investments to flow into Indian companies