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The Great Shift in Media Consumption from Traditional to UGC

Platforms have been promoting user-generated content also by allowing them to monetise the content which has become a money-making formula for people to try their hands at these platforms to earn extra income and gain some name & fame

Puneet Sharma

Everything You Need to Know About the 5 Changes Roiling Digital Advertising

Invest in video, understand your audience and research the channels they use.

The Future of Print Marketplaces

Print Marketplaces are easy to manage as they are built on Open Source platforms

Facebook's 'React Native' Has Changed the Rules of App Development

With this new cross-platform app, you can spend more time meeting users' needs and less time worrying about your choice of smartphone.

Rudy Mutter

Emerging Trends In Online Advertising Domain In India

Visibility of any product is more through digital medium than traditional marketing techniques

This Digital Marketing Company CEO Tells What It Takes To Be At The Helm

"Stop Thinking That You Are A Woman," says Rubeena Singh, CEO of iProspect India.

Komal Nathani

#4 Ways In Which Digital Will Disrupt Branding For SMEs

Brands can easily pick up speed through shares, recommendations, clicks, feedbacks when marketed through digital branding.