#4 Ways In Which Digital Will Disrupt Branding For SMEs

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Finance was considered as the blood of business still over a decade ago. Then theories evolved and some schools of thought concluded that human resources were the most vital of all elements in a business. With time, even this belief underwent transformation and now, to state that digital marketing is the backbone of a business is no longer an exaggeration.

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In an exclusive interview with the Entrepreneur India, Pramod K Maloo, founder of Kreative Machinez, a digital hub for business promotion and marketing, shared his views on the big shift in the manner e-marketing platforms will be used by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in India in the next five years.

Maloo highlighted that market has matured a lot in the past five to six years and this is the best time to enter the digital space and explore. "Sky is the limit now. When we started in 2009, the market wasn't ready for digital services, except for big brands. As a result, till 2013 we were majorly doing business with overseas clients. But times are a'changing!" he said with a big grin on his face.

Maloo has listed four ways in which digital will disrupt branding for SMEs.

Interactive And Engaging

"Gone are the days of one-way communication. Brands have to embrace an engaging strategy to catch customers' fancy. Digital branding ensures better interaction and brands can opt for diverse components in a product-profile, to be marketed in a more appealing style. One can showcase the product USPs via a GIF, embed a live video on platforms like Facebook or YouTube and respond to comments on-the-go, or launch a clickable banner-ad on their websites," stated Maloo. According to him digital space allows customers to participate and get a proactive experience. Brands can easily pick up speed through shares, recommendations, clicks, feedbacks when marketed through digital branding.

Multiple Channel Options

"Digital branding creates a junction of dissimilar platforms. A brand's unique features appear on numerous online platforms (email, online advertisements, social media, and chat) where they can be demonstrated as well. The harmony is maintained, spreading one message that can be tailored for every customer. Brands require an outlet and digital platforms perfectly serve the purpose. They are at your finger tips, put them into action and brandish your brand," said the entrepreneur, who has worked with 4,000-4,500 plus clients in the domain of social media marketing, Google paid adwords, SEO and video marketing among others.

Going Viral

"Going viral," said Maloo, "has its benefits, but has also been distorted a number of times. It is rather a post- effect than a pre-planned development. Viral elements potentially thrust your brand towards an advanced accomplishment very fast, but there is no warranty. A digital pedestal allows clients to have faster entrée to the brand's distinctiveness, allowing them to make quicker choices or be engaged with it. The more customers feedback it receives, the possibility to go viral is greater."

Easier To Expand The Brand's Appeal

"To develop and grow in this fast-paced milieu, it is imperative to endorse a digital branding strategy that helps in expanding the brand's appeal. It has become very important to have all the branding channels handy. The digital space allows that. Amalgamate all your branding strategies and develop a habit to merge your brand identity online and offline," he suggested. Digital branding is emerging as a benchmark for branding and business, he said before signing off.

Pramod K Maloo set up his company, Kreative Machinez, in 2009, at a time when the US economy was badly hit by recession.