This Digital Marketing Company CEO Tells What It Takes To Be At The Helm

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Donning the CEO's hat is not everyman's game. One in a hundred in the corporate world gets one lifetime chance to steer a company and the characteristic traits of all company chiefs are pretty much the same — the spirit to embrace challenges and the skill to play safe in the ever-changing dynamics of the business world.


Business acumen tops all other qualities that a CEO must possess as it's the seed of success for a business and differentiates one company from the other.

In an exclusive interview with the Entrepreneur India, Rubeena Singh, CEO of one of the leading digital companies in India, iProspect India, talked about her challenges while reliving the experience of her journey from a sales executive to the CEO of a company.

Singh has recently being appointed as the CEO of iProspect India to which she brought her 16 years of enriching experience. Singh is one among the handful of media professionals in the country who has enjoyed an exposure to TV, print as well as digital media.

Family Support, The Biggest Strength For A Working Woman

A lot of factors work together to strengthen a woman to the core and helps her give the best at her work, but a robust family support system lies behind all successful working women, she said.

Born and brought up in Punjab's Amritsar, Rubeena Singh reminisced about her childhood experiences to harp on the fact that family played a very important role in shaping her career.

"My father raised me in a way that I have to make my life on my own. Go after your dreams and achieve it, is what he always advised me," added Singh.

"I was fortunate to get a support system at my home, which enabled me to build my career. It's unfortunate that some women do not get that support at their homes," she rued.

"Indian Corporate World is not Gender Biased'

"I really think who you speak to and where you are, matters a lot. I haven't encountered a situation where I felt any sort of discrimination against me and have not received a biased response yet in my career," she said on being asked whether women face a slow growth at workplaces.

"In my views, the organization has been very supportive," asserted Singh.

"What Is Pushing Digital Ahead?"

Asking about her turnaround in career and what led her to shift focus from traditional way of marketing to digital marketing, Rubeena told the Entrepreneur India that she never aspired to be a digital marketer but just happened to be one.

"When you are in the agency, you are in the centre of the ecosystem and you see things from a whole new range of different platforms, customer-focused destinations," she said.

She saw the trend moving towards digital while working with Network 18 and requested for an opportunity to join digital platform there.

"The pace at which India was moving towards digital age, I had this hunch that it is going to be phenomenal and a big source of investing and making money," she opined.

There is a huge opportunity to create value for funds in the digital space, added Singh.

"Stop Thinking That You Are A Woman'

On what tips she would like to give to women who aspire to be business leaders in India, Singh told, "One should have the confidence in herself and never undermine her own potentials."

"The moment you will stop thinking that you are a woman and should be treated differently at your workplace, you will start growing as a person as well as in the organization you're working."

"Women are no less than men,' asserted the spirited entrepreneur.