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Growth Strategies

How Good UX Can Overcome the Need for Customers to be Physically Present

While a physical store offers customers many benefits, there are numerous advantages to the digital store

Social Media

The Best Places to Distribute Your Online Video Content

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'If You Can't Use Technology, You Will Be Dead In A Few Years'

MD Of top singer-led video platform says content that appeals to youngsters becomes viral instantly

Growth Strategies

India's Top Singer-led Video Platform Helps Artists Get The Limelight They Deserve

This Mumbai-based digital company is all about Worldwide Video Web.


Quiznos Is Pulling the Plug on TV Ads. Here's Why.

As Quiznos turns over a new leaf post-bankruptcy, most of its ad dollars are going toward digital; none are going toward television.


Ignore Video and Miss Out on 69 Percent of Mobile Traffic

In a fast-paced digital world, the visual appeal of the second screen can't be denied. Marketers, take heed.