'If You Can't Use Technology, You Will Be Dead In A Few Years'

MD Of top singer-led video platform says content that appeals to youngsters becomes viral instantly

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Video content is high in demand now. Cashing in on the trend, digital companies are embracing video as an important medium to engage with customers. They are using a wide range of advanced technologies to understand their audience — their tastes and preferences.


An investment in the right technology is yielding better results in terms of good profit margin.

The Entrepreneur India spoke to Samir Bangara, Co-founder and Managing Director, Qyuki, a digital broadcast network of superstars, about the need of advanced, suitable technology for video platforms and what decides the popularity of a content.

Qyuki is a virtual platform that empowers artists and creative personalities to increase their presence and TRP through technology, PR, marketing and distribution.

"Our company is digital at the very core of it. It's very important to understand that our mind is always working across media or trans media. The thought process is generated online, so we call it a digital DNA. But once we create something that has the power to grow, we don't care if it's for TV or other media. We consider ourselves as cross media," Bangara explained.

If You Can't Use Technology, You Will Be Dead In A Few Years

Bangara explained, "If you can't use technology, you will be dead and obsolete in a few years. People will figure out new ways of engaging the audience."

"It is not possible to not use technology at all. So it's extremely important for you to be tech savvy, if you are in the video space, to be able to leverage your technology resources. Most people have the required technical knowledge, but don't know how to apply it in their business," he said.

"Our video platform offers you technology, production support and helps you with marketing and distribution. We use analytics to select the right set of artists before investing on them," he added.

One Has To Be Ready To Adapt To The New Trend In The Market

He explained that music companies have ANR heads, who select the artiste before investing money. His company has been using analytics to suggest whom to pitch for.

"We run hundreds of channels online and all the data is put in one black box of analytics, which gives us an indication of the artiste who will actually become popular. But, everything is evolving because the consumer size is increasing and tastes are constantly changing. One has to be ready to adapt to new trends in the market. So analytics do the work for us," he said.

Content That Goes Viral Should Appeal To All In 13-30 Age Bracket

According to Samir, content that goes viral should appeal to all in the 13-30 age bracket. "When a 13-year-old client consumes video online he/she sees the algorithm and likes, subscribes, comments and shares. Younger people are dominating this space. Hence, content that appeals to youngsters becomes viral instantly. The data consumption pattern has changed after the launch of JIO. With mobile phones and data becoming cheap, more and more people are consuming the video content," he added.