India's Top Singer-led Video Platform Helps Artists Get The Limelight They Deserve

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Every expert will agree to the fact that smartphones have increased the consumption of digital content online. Powered by digital marketing, companies are promoting themselves in the most engaging format. More and more companies are offering users a platform to share their videos on the online medium to build their target audience.

The Entrepreneur India spoke to Samir Bangara, Co-founder and Managing Director, Qyuki, a digital broadcast network of digital superstars, about the need of a connection between video platforms and consumers. The platform empowers creators to achieve their dream by leveraging technology, collaboration and mentorship. It also helps a business focus on creativity. Qyuki is backed by Shekhar Kapoor and AR Rahman.

World Wide Web Is Becoming The Worldwide Video Web

Elucidating his point, Bangara said, "I have worked in the mobile gaming space and before that I was an investment banker. I have keenly observed the growth of data services in India. My observations helped me with a thorough understanding of what was happening with all the platforms that offers videos. In my view, the World Wide Web or Internet is fast becoming the Worldwide video web."

He said the digital content would be in future served in the format of video for ready acceptability by consumers.

"For example, you will have the option to consume Wikipedia in video format. And of course, Facebook and Youtube will continue to remain the biggest platforms of video consumption in the future," he added.

"Shekhar (Kapoor) and I had held a number of meetings and I told him what we were trying to do. His view of the world was that everybody is born creative but we forget the need behind that creativity as we grow older," he added.

Keep Your Brand After Content

The multi-channel network uses technology to hunt down interesting creators in the market.

"In the past, the video platform was always a destination. Now, you can be a virtual platform but you have to be aware of and present in all the zones where people come to. For Example, Qyuki is behind the scene, but its creators are available on Facebook, Snapchat and Youtube. The content is available on every app and it gets distributed. Rather than asking people to come on our website, we distribute the content on various social media platforms," he pointed out.

He advised that the new way of creating communities online was by shedding the brand ego of the corporate.

"In the past, all media companies used to put their brand before the content. If you see, Star channel will put their brand ahead of the content, so it's always about the channel. In this way the content gets the secondary position," he added.

Boundary Between The Creator And The Consumer Is Blurring

Bangara said the boundary between the creator and the consumer was blurring. So every creator was a consumer and vice versa.

"Snapchat videos are more credible because the first person knows that there is no interference in first place. There is a tsunami of creators, entering the market and they might be good creators. Creators necessarily don't have the business tools and technical knowledge to scale a business," he explained.

According to him, each creator cannot hire a social media agency or PR agency. The company figured out that with the World Wide Web becoming worldwide video web and the creator-consumer boundary blurring, there was a need for somebody to step in and provide an intermediate layer to connect the creators with consumers.