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#5 Apps That Will Help You Manage Your Money Better

Remember the famous proverb – drop by drop you can fill the pitcher?

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Digital Payments Startup Stripe Eyes Southeast Asia and India to Expand

The global player, recently, raised $245 million in funds to expand to new markets globally and attract bigger customers


Data Security Must be a Priority for Businesses in India

Security is only as strong as the weakest link


How Data Localization Might be Draconian for Everyone except Black Hat Hackers

While the intent of the government, to protect user privacy, is fine but what makes it controversial is the mandate to store data 'only' in India.

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How 'Digital' is Helping you Travel Light

As per a report of eMarketer, global digital travel was a roughly $ 565 billion market in 2016, with sales expected to top $817 billion by 2020


With New Policies, MSMEs Are Going Cashless, Says This Banker

'The characteristic feature of MSMEs is such that throughout these geographies there is potential'


Sound Wave Technology is Poised to Democratize the Digital Payments Industry in India

Sound Wave technology has the potential to truly disrupt, optimize, and democratize the digital payments ecosystem


This Company is Solving Last Mile Connectivity Issues in India by Relying on Retailers

The company believes that a human touch is required for consumers who do not understand digitization of finance


#4 Regulatory Changes that will Make Digital Wallets Less Attractive to Indian Users

The RBI is asking full KYC for transactions as low as INR 10,000


#5 Ways You can Go Out in India Without a Penny in your Pocket

Cashless digital payment methods are on the rise in India


These Fintech Start-ups don't Believe in Payments Banking

After PayTM, rivals say they do not want to head the same way and have other plans in mind

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This Indian Digital Wallet Company Founder Says Its Biggest Competitor is Cash

Upasana Taku expects overall digital payments to contribute 35-40 percent of total transactions in the economy by 2018.

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How Digital is India Towards a Cashless Future?

The biggest roadblocks to digitization of finance are security and perceived security.


From e-Wallet to Payment Bank to Wealth Management, This Founder is Fast & Furious

Sharma sounded confident of a good distribution channel for cash flow and his focus on women to increase the bank's reach.

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Just Being A Digital Wallet Is Not Viable Says India's Top Banker

"Is this wallet any better than the cash back. I don't have a INR 1600 cr loss. You eliminate the loss then we will talk."