Why Most Founders and Investors Are Wrong About Disruption

Everything is always in a state of business change... are you ready to adapt?

Thought Leaders

3 Crucial Lessons for Entrepreneurs Taking on Big and Complex Markets

For disruptors, success lies in taking the basics and blazing a different path with them.

Thought Leaders

How Entrepreneurs Can Fuel Innovation and Push Societal Limits

The most successful and influential entrepreneurs are those who are driven by the belief that they can make a difference in the world.

Growth Strategies

7 Ways To Stay Agile and Disruptive From Sasfin CEO, Michael Sassoon

Instead of following the bigger players in the banking industry, Sasfin is creating its own path, based largely on the mindset that bigger isn't always better. Michael Sassoon unpacks the thinking behind staying agile as well as building products and offering solutions that meet customer needs.

Growth Strategies

How to Become a Disruptor That Shifts Markets

What can we do now that we couldn't do before, thanks to changes in technology? That's the approach that great organisations are taking to transform the consumer experience. And it's not just the ruthless young upstarts that are doing so - we spoke to three companies founded by industry stalwarts to get their take on how to seize market leadership in a time of significant disruption.

News and Trends

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