This Tech-enabled Real Estate Company is One-stop Destination for Buyers and Sellers The company aims to make its platform consumer-friendly with the help of advanced technology

By Komal Nathani

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Technology catalyzes the growth of all businesses and real estate is no exception.

Although apparently, it is difficult to relate technology with real estate, things are changing fast in realty sector and tech is disrupting the market with its innovations.

At a time when buyers and sellers are more connected than ever before, businesses can be operated from anywhere, geographical locations being reduced to just points on the map.

The same is true for the real estate today. Digital buying and selling of properties are increasing in Tire I and Tier II cities.

Not just the start-ups, but industry's big and prominent players are also focusing on digitizing their property transactions.

Recently, JLL India Residential was rebranded as ANAROCK Property Consultants in a new, tech-driven digital interface to fuel the company's growth.

The company has brought Rahul Yadav, former Founder, and CEO of, on board.

"We are pioneers in the Indian real estate space and will now back it with a robust technology infrastructure," said Anuj Puri, Chairman, ANAROCK Property Consultants.

Need for Digital Evolution in Real Estate

Puri informed Entrepreneur India that the general trend of purchase and sale of products in the market is changing fast. And realty buyers and investors are now looking for an online advisory service platform to offer and receive a seamless experience.

"We are now taking the online real estate business in India to the ultimate best level," said Puri.

Technology, a Real Disruptor

Internet's increasing penetration in every sector, including this, has prompted even buyers and investors to conduct their property searches online. Real estate advisories, online property listing aggregators, and even developers have made headway, Puri said.

Interpreting a few reasons why technology is being a real disruptor in the market today, Puri said, "First, clients need efficient and dependable solutions and technology provides both with accuracy. Secondly, many technology solutions have proven their effectiveness outside India, increasing users' confidence in them. This has set the trend for the adoption of technology in India."

Company's Plans

The company aims to make its platform consumer-friendly with the help of advanced technology.

The venture plans to invest in companies that develop advanced technologies like Visualization, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Smart-city Tech Applications, Data Analytics etc. It will provide funding to companies, which are setting up smart commercial buildings.

What Differentiates an Industry Leader from Start-ups

ANAROCK, the Group brand, provides residential advisory services at zero brokerage to its customers. It also aims to provide debt, equity and mezzanine funding to residential developers.

ANAROCK's radical and disruptive residential brokerage model enables supply, demand and discovery through a digital platform, with transactions facilitated offline via highly-trained real estate experts, said Puri.

ANAROCK claims to make home-search easy for its users. Puri said, "We provide complete offline and online investment advisory and transaction support. Also, we will buy quality residential properties in bulk, directly from real estate developers, for our inventory. The company does not charge brokerage from its customers."

Puri emphatically praised the government of India for implementing RERA. He said, "RERA literally holds the key to Indian real estate sector's growth. The implementation of RERA will not only help revive end-user sentiment but also open up the Indian housing sector to foreign investments."

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