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Get This 10-Year .ART Domain Name with Site Builder for $69.99

You can use the custom builder to design your site, and you can start to share your enhanced brand with the world.


Should Your Business Spend Thousands of Dollars on a Strong Domain Name?

Is this really worth the money? Or is it better to pick up a cheap domain name and invest the money in something else, like marketing or infrastructure?

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Bring Your Web 3.0 Ideas to Life With Domain Names From GoDaddy

From the blockchain to NFTs to VR, and AR, GoDaddy makes it easy to secure domains for your next big idea.

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Debunking 3 Common Misconceptions Around Domains

A new wave of digital real estate is available to brand builders, which has re-democratized domain name acquisition.

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Should Your Business Try Domain Hacking?

It can be tough to get the "perfect" domain for your business. Domain hacking could be the answer – but is it really worth it for your business?

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The Benefits of Using Multiple Domains for Your Business

So, why would you want to complicate things by incorporating multiple domains into your business strategy?


How E-commerce Is Changing The Micro-entrepreneurship Landscape of India

By giving a level-playing field to new businesses e-commerce players can actually promote entrepreneurship across domains.


A List of Effective Marketing Secrets for SaaS Start-ups

Understanding keywords for user intent and being conscious about it needs to become integral to one's content marketing strategy

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The Hidden Reason Behind The Increase of Video Usage In Enterprises

Today we're beginning to see more video usage in the core business' use-cases of the organization.


Jazz up Your Start-Up's URL

Move over the boring .com domains in your start-up's URL & get generic top-level domains (gTLDs) like .beer, .pizza, .courses, .cab etc


With Over A Decade Of Being An Entrepreneur, This Is How Shiladitya Mukhopadhyay Makes Time For Three Startups Today

I was able to manage my time by making my roles in each company very well defined and also restrict it to the common areas in either - technology and product.


What Triggers Acquisitions in Startup Space

Entrepreneurs should just build companies on sound business principals


It's our role to counsel young entrepreneurs and build team-rich startups

Sameer says after all these years as a VC he can spot a good idea or an entrepreneur in two minutes today

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Will the New Domain Extensions Negatively Impact Your SEO?

A new study says no. So, go ahead and get creative, with the cool new options like .car, .business and .app.

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Forget .com. Say Hello to: .bike, .app, .site -- and Many More.

New internet domain suffixes are here. But you'd better hurry and grab one.