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'Play Is a Basic Human Need' How This Entrepreneur Is Combating the Epidemic of Loneliness In the U.S.

Ted Fischer, co-founder and CEO of Ageless Innovation, explains his company's mission to end social isolation and loneliness experienced by older adults.

Science & Technology

The Caregiver Shortage Is Only Getting Worse

It's time to start considering caregiver technology as a viable benefit in the workplace.

Thought Leaders

How Better Workplace Data Can Help Women Regain Ground Lost In 2020

Measuring inclusion can help prevent recent gender equity setbacks from becoming permanent.


Why Too Many Women's Leadership Initiatives Fail

Here are three actionable tips to keep high-potential women from leaking through the leadership pipeline at your organization.

Growth Strategies

Senior Care Is an Established Industry In the Western World. How Will the Industry Evolve In India?

Technology and data will be critical, and India will leapfrog many western economies in building a robust senior care industry that is rooted on the behavioural aspects of the Indian seniors.

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4 Hot Tech Trends in Senior Care

As the elderly population grows, entrepreneurs can expand opportunities along with it.


This Startup Plans To Capture The Elder Care Product Market In India

The 60 plus age group is growing in number – from 8 per cent of the total population in 2001 to 10 per cent in 2011, and is further projected to reach 19 per cent by 2041, according to a CII report about the senior citizen category in India.

Starting a Business

Examples of Elder Care Business Ideas

If caring for the elderly and offering them services to make their lives easier is a passion of yours, then this could be the business idea for you. Here are 10 examples of elder care business ideas you can learn from.


Can Blockchain Prevent Billion Dollar Scams in the Aged Care Sector?

The technology is capable of establishing an automated environment which leaves no room for scams


Why Elder Care Services is Unexplored in India

Elder care is as much a sociological issue as that of access or affordability


These #4 Startups are Lending a Helping Hand to Senior Citizens

We think that the retirement time is the most relaxing phase for senior citizens but with increasing age, the unavoidable health problem and challenges also keep on escalating.


How to Promote Self-actualization and Independent Living Among Elders

Often the elderly feel inhibited to go out on their own or are apprehensive of this technologically advanced world.

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To Deal With an Aging Population, Thailand Businesses Bet on Demand for Robots and Diapers

Thai elderly care robot Dinsow can not only keep track of your medication and video-phone your relatives, but can also exercise with you and even entertain you with its karaoke skills.

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How One Woman's Mission to Preserve Her Mother's Mobility Lead to a Great Invention

Read how novice inventor Lesli Jenkins Wang got the conservative medical industry to accept her Free2GoRollator late last year.


Why This Man Went From VP to Franchisee

Pat Abernathey believed the Caring Senior Service model so much, he went from the vice president of franchise development to running a franchise himself.