Entrepreneurial Lessons


How Learning About Entrepreneurship in My Grandfather's Orchard Planted the Seed for My Career

As a child, I was fortunate to have two great men in my life. My grandfathers taught me everything I know about strategy and entrepreneurship -- and it all started in an orchard in Hungary.

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4 Entrepreneurial Lessons from BloomNation CEO's Poker History

David Daneshgar won the money for his startup in a poker game. Here's what made him successful in the game and in business.

Starting a Business

A Quick Guide: Making The Switch From A Corporate Job To Starting Your Own Business

You have probably heard time and again that 'people are your greatest assets', never has that been truer than now


5 Tips for Beginners to Entrepreneurship Trivia

Journey as an entrepreneur itself is a learning experience and the following points will help you focus on the key aspects of the journey

Thought Leaders

I Learned Everything Important About Succeeding as an Entrepreneur Washing Dishes for My First Boss

There are no unimportant jobs and no unimportant customers.


The Most Valuable Lessons These 5 Top Entrepreneurs Have Learned

Hard-won wisdom that created wildly successful companies.


Lessons that Entrepreneurs can Learn from the "Shahenshah of Bollywood"

He has taught all of us, especially entrepreneurs, to think big and work hard to achieve the desired goal

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Lessons for Entrepreneurs from Bhagavad Gita to Keep Their Boat Sailing in Nascent Stage

It's important to keep things moving, irrespective of the results


#4 Tips from Ratan Tata That will Lift All Entrepreneurs' Spirits

"Certainly, the world is full of great ideas, but success only comes through action"

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10 Entrepreneurial Lessons from Movie: 'Miracle'

This movie covers many important entrepreneurial lessons

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#10 Entrepreneurial Lessons From Movie 'Moneyball'

Any unconventional idea, no matter how good it is, could face rejections initially

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It's Time The Indian Students' Entrepreneurship Streak Is Tapped in School

Why shouldn't a brilliant idea by a school-goer not get the same support as adults ask India's youngpreneurs.

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4 Lessons for Entrepreneurs From Africa's Solar Industry

Wherever you are in the world, offering a solution and way for the customer to afford the solution is what drives success.

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#10 Entrepreneurial Lessons From Movie 'The Walk'

This movie shows how the 'impossible' can be made into the 'possible' and teaches various lessons that could be useful for entrepreneurs.

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#6 Things I Learnt from my Entrepreneurial Journey

BVR Mohan Reddy is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Cyient India Ltd, a global engineering and geospatial service provider headquartered in Hyderabad. Additionally, he has also served as the Chairman of NASSCOM and CII –Southern Region.