3 Must-Have Thematic ETFs For the Long-Term Investor

These funds can then be complemented by thematic ETFs that target a specific industry or economic theme. Here are three specialized ETFs that deserve a spot in any long-term growth...

MarketBeat Staff

Will Real Estate Ever Calm Down? How to Invest in this Wild Sector in 2022

There's no secret that real estate was a dizzying rollercoaster in 2021. If you didn't dip into real estate investing last year, here's a quick summary of what happened: The...

Melissa Brock

The MarketBeat Podcast -Getting Tactical With Rob Isbitts

In this episode of the MarketBeat podcast, Kate talks to Rob Isbitts of Sungarden Investment. Rob has been an asset manager, analyst and now a financial publisher. You can listen...

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Core-And-Explore ETF Portfolios Combine Best Of Index & Active Investing

There are plenty of ways to allocate a portfolio, including the core-and-explore approach. This investment philosophy combines the best traits of index funds with the added benefit of theme, sector...

Kate Stalter

Beyond Protocol CEO Says Bitcoin ETF 'May Be a Wild Ride'

The first Bitcoin Futures ETF launched this week, crossing exchange-traded funds into the world of cryptocurrency.

Index Fund Inflows & Outflows Show Which Asset Classes Are In Favor

In August, ETFs listed on U.S. exchanges brought in more than $67 billion. The granddaddy of ETFs is the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (ASX: SPY). In August, it ad...

Kate Stalter

3 ETFs This Investor Is Buying Right Now

2021 is proving to be another volatile year -- where are professionals investing their money, and where are the returns?

Samuel Leach

Why ETFs Are A Good Choice For A Properly Diversified Portfolio

By investing in different asset classes, allocated proportionally to meet your financial goals, time horizon and risk tolerance, you can improve the l...

Kate Stalter

2 ETFs To Own For Q2

The performance of the Nasdaq index in yesterday's session suggests Wall Street is finally coming to terms with a higher rate environment and what they might mean for tech stocks.

Sam Quirke

#5 Financial Assets Every Early Stage Entrepreneur Should Consider While Investing

While building their dream business, entrepreneurs pay very little attention to the personal finance

Vanita D'souza