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Don't Say This Word on a Cruise Ship, Warns a Passenger Whose Major Faux Pas Shocked Other Travelers and Crew

TikTok influencer Marc Sebastian learned the hard way that some words are better left on the shore.

Thought Leaders

Business Etiquette Doesn't Have to Be Boring — Here's How to Navigate It With Sass and Style

It's time to revolutionize business etiquette. Here's how.

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Get Ready for Corporate Charm School: Etiquette Classes Are Coming to the Workplace and They're Looking at You, Gen Z

More than half of the companies surveyed said there are plans to offer etiquette classes by 2024.


Active Listening as a Corporate Development Tool

Active listening builds social cohesion with the speaker, while distracted or judgmental listening builds social distrust.

Science & Technology

8 Zoom Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Follow

These easy-to-follow tips will make your Zoom meetings more dynamic and productive.


25 Words That Make Other People Feel Inferior

Your words have the power to elevate and inspire those around you. Or, to do just the opposite.


Perspective Is Everything

One never knows what someone else is going through in a personal capacity, and as such, it's well within our interest to make sure all of our interactions are kind.

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The Rules of Etiquette for Your Office Holiday Party

Follow these tips to avoid cringe-worthy moments at your next holiday party.


Five Tips For Mastering Email Introductions

Whether you are introducing or being introduced, here are some helpful tips on how to demonstrate proper email etiquette


An NFL Player Retired During Halftime and 20 Other Crazy, Outrageous, Sad and Infamous Last Days at Work

These people went out with more than a Bankers Box filled with tchotchkes and a goodbye email.

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Wrong Phrases In Your Email Could Cost You Your Job

Email is the most commonly used method for communicating with colleagues, says a study


Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch Season 2 Ep. 5: 'Sorry You Felt That Way'

On this episode of Entrepreneur's pitch show, judged by IndyCar race winner Danica Patrick and other prominent investors, discussions get heated.

Social Media

Email Etiquette Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Business

Despite social media tools, email still remains number one choice for businesses today


The Yes, No and Maybe of Office Gift Giving

To give or not to give? That is the question you should have answered by now.