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At The Helm: Meet The Next Generation of Indian Entrepreneurs

This year in our GenNext special, the list goes beyond the cliched names and provides a fresh perspective of business from different genres


How to Successfully Prepare Your Family Business for the Next Generation

Your family business is your pride and joy. Here's how to make sure it stays that way for generations to come.

Thought Leaders

How to Ask Your Spouse for Business Advice, According to This Divorce Lawyer

Have each other's backs, no matter what.


Put Your Mission First and You Won't Have Any Worries About Revenues

The most fun you can have in business is making money doing the right thing for every customer.

Employee Experience & Recruiting

How This Entrepreneur Repaid His Most Valuable Employee: His Mom

An entrepreneur's mom worked for him for years -- without a salary. When he finally made it, he wanted to give her something she'd love.


The Co-Founder of Panda Express Shares the Leadership Quality That Helps Her Keep the Brand Fresh

Peggy Cherng talks about the importance of making your values an integral part of your business.


Three Challenges You Are Likely To Face While Joining Your Family-Business

It is important to Distinguish Between Work and Personal Relationships

News and Trends

Is the Ambani & Piramal GenNext Marriage Seed to a Business Behemoth?

Both the families share a four-decade long family friendship which now is soon going to turn into a close relationship

Growing a Business

Your Family Business Won't Survive If You Don't Plan for the Leadership Transition

You need to transition from "power player" to "people builder."


This Entrepreneur Shares Why an Ability to Change Course Is What Will Set You Up for Success

FabFitFun co-founder and co-CEO Michael Broukhim says you shouldn't be afraid to try something new.


Consistency is the Key to Success, Says this Third Generation Entrepreneur

'technology isn't driving the change but as well as the product'


This Family Was Amongst the First to Bring Family Offices in India

Managed by the father and daughter duo, RAAY Global Investments was established in 2002 as a family office


How These Legacy Businesses are 'Shower'ing the Essence of Living

Industry leaders talk about how they found a stronghold in the country

Growing a Business

How This Woman Perked Up Her Family's Coffee Business and Jolted Sales by 300 Percent

Alyza Bohbot rebranded and reinvigorated her parents' business by empowering women.


Why Family-Business Entrepreneurs Should Embrace Private Equity Funding

Trump's tax plan means it's wise to get better-acquainted with how to identify the right private equity investors and maximize relationships with them.