Family Businesses

A Husband-and-Wife Team Converted Their Family Business to a Franchise to Make More Time for Family

Jon and Kari Murdock knew it would take years to scale on their own, and Mr. Rooter's franchise model helped them grow.

Chloe Arrojado

What to Know to Run a Successful Family Business

A special excerpt from the upcoming eighth edition of Entrepreneur Press' 'Start Your Own Business: The Only Startup Book You'll Ever Need,' available for pre-order now.

Family Business Is a Blood Sport. Here's How to Avoid the Pitfalls.

Clarity, autonomy, empowerment and trust are critical to success.

Yuri Kruman

How Do You Modernize One of the Oldest Pastry Shops in New York City?

Veniero's started in the East Village in 1894, but more recently, it's been opening for business on apps like Grubhub and Postmates.

Britta Lokting

This Company Has Been Around for 135 Years. The Key to Its Success? Customer Service.

How far are you willing to go to offer great customer service? Andy Spearing of Portland's Pike Awning says he'd rather lose money than make a customer unhappy.

Jason Feifer

This 28-Year-Old Amusement Park Manager Makes Her Gen Z Employees Give Up Their Phones Before They Start Working

Isadora Richardson's great-great-grandparents founded Trimper Rides in 1893, and she aims to return the park to its former glory.

Britta Lokting

A New Orleans Oyster Restaurant Went Without Detailed Profit-and-Loss Statements for Almost 100 Years. 2 Twin Sisters Are Trying to Bring It Into the 21st Century.

Natalie Gerdes and her twin sister, Nikki, have introduced new ideas to their family business like merchandising, an expanded menu and yes, keeping track of the company's finances.

Britta Lokting

A California Woman Started a Boarding House in 1920. Her Great-Granddaughter Hopes to Run the Business Someday, Which She Calls 'The Mexican Cheers of Pasadena.'

Mary Alice Recendez started as a hostess at Mijares Mexican Restaurant when she was 13 years old and, at 32, is the only fourth-generation member of her family in a leadership position.

Britta Lokting

Running a Funeral Home Can Seem Taboo in the Best of Times. One Business Owner Hopes Clubhouse Can Help Him Shift Perception.

Antonio Green's great-grandfather opened James H. Cole Home for Funerals in Detroit in 1919, and many of the its founding principles are as important as ever, even if the method of delivery has changed.

Britta Lokting

How Does a Century-Old Niche Business Expand? 'There Are Limits to How Many Awnings You Can Sell in Portland.'

Emily Spearing, her cousins and brothers all work together to push the family business into a more ambitious - and modern - space.

Britta Lokting

This 130-Year-Old Porcelain Shop Claims to Be the Oldest Store in New York's Chinatown. Its 5th-Generation Owner (and Her Grandmother) Used Instagram to Save It From the Pandemic.

Pivoting to online sales has been a family effort: Owner Mei Lum's mother helps with the e-commerce, her father handles shipping and packaging and her 91-year-old grandmother has become an influencer.

Britta Lokting

These Values Help Family Businesses Survive and Thrive in Tough Times

Knowledge to be gained from those that don't face pressure from VC backers.

Carmine Bruno