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How to Sustain a Family Business Across Generations

It can be tempting to assume the next generation is ready to take over your company and allow you to enjoy your twilight years, but you must ensure they have time to develop skills and realize their identity.

Starting a Business

The Do's and Don'ts of Involving Family in Your Business

Adding family to your business plan may seem like a no-brainer, but it can often lead to poor decisions and conflicts. Follow this guide for involving family in your business.


Getting Back in Touch With Customers

Keene Addington shares his journey from selling his established restaurant chain to returning to his restaurateur roots by founding Tortoise Supper Club, a family-owned restaurant located in downtown Chicago.

Growth Strategies

Transition in Family Business from Dad to Son

Right from strategic planning, budgeting to performance reviews and building teams have to be learnt

Growth Strategies

Indian Family Businesses Thrive, Managing Challenges Well

Very visibly the transitioning is seen in structure, processes and systems with many firms becoming globally competitive too

Thought Leaders

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother ... and My Business Partner

How this contributor and her sibling run their company like the 'family' business it is.


The Last Days of Summer? The Perfect Time to Celebrate 'Family' Businesses.

Say thanks when you eat that cheeseburger or watch those fireworks this Labor Day. Either may come from one of our nation's dynastic brands.

Growing a Business

It's National Siblings Day! Brother-Entrepreneurs Tell How They Make It Work.

When your brother is your business partner, what do you do? Six tips for success.


Why Do Family Businesses Face Hiccups in Having a Professional Leadership Team?

The priorities may be on one's own passion and this may not be the same as the person who hands over the baton.

Growth Strategies

Speed Of Adopting Change Is The Challenge In Family Business

Keeping up with the core family values, while enhancing vision of the company.

Growth Strategies

Nudging Ahead the OTC Game

In an interaction with Entrepreneur, Nandini unveils her role in business.

Growth Strategies

5 Tips To Seamlessly Run A Family Business And Flex Growth

Working with family can become a dream or a nightmare depending on various factors.

Growth Strategies

Meritocracy Or Heritage? What Will Thrive In the Business World?

Indian consumer goods stalwart Harsh Mariwala talks about succession planning, cultural change, challenges and more in a family .


'I Launched a Startup With My Mom. I'm Glad I Did.'

Mixing family and business is a competitive advantage, says this son of his co-founder/mom.


5 Reasons Why 'Family' and 'Business' Do Mix

Anyone who tells you any differently is just plain wrong, says this business co-owner who's worked alongside family for years.