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How Dairy Farming Made Me a Better Tech Entrepreneur

Here's how working on a dairy farm contributed to my success as a technology entrepreneur.

Growth Strategies

Tackling Food Insecurity In The MENA: A Playbook For The Private Sector

The private sector is instrumental in tackling issues related to food insecurity and sustainable agriculture, but is there a way we can laser focus our efforts in one direction?

Science & Technology

5 Things Silicon Valley Gets Wrong About Agriculture

Fail fast, fail often doesn't work for farmers. Here are five agricultural realities funders and innovators need to understand.

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'They Might Bite:' 10,000 Carnivorous Minks Are on the Loose After Being Set Free By Vandals

Law enforcement is still investigating the case and has yet to identify and suspects.

Green Entrepreneur

Climate Change Almost Threatened the Fate of This Thanksgiving Staple

An exceptionally warm summer nearly triggered a shortage of this beloved Thanksgiving side.

Starting a Business

Startup Spotlight: Sharjah-Based Merlin Farms Is Addressing MENA's Water Scarcity And Food Security Issues Through Aquaponics

Merlin Farms' farming technique is based on the concept of aquaponics -a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics- which can grow plants without soil by utilizing fish waste.

Science & Technology

We Have More Farming Data Than Ever, But This Crucial Piece Is Missing

Farmers have been left to navigate an increasingly complex tech stack on their own. What's desperately needed is a single, integrated, intuitive interface.

Science & Technology

Farmers Don't Have Enough Water. Can AI Help?

Precision agriculture - the use of technology like networked sensors and artificial intelligence - is helping farmers get by without the water they once had.


Ranchers and Vegans Have Finally Found Something They Can Agree On

Advocating for the importance of holistic farming techniques has united two unlikely factions.

Science & Technology

How Technology is Fighting Agriculture's Unsettling Age Problem

As more farmers near retirement age, technology is challenging long-held views on what it means to be a farmer ... and that's a good thing.

Thought Leaders

Farmers Have Trust Issues With Big Data -- For The Same Reasons We All Do

Precision agriculture is changing the way people farm. But the familiar pitfalls of data collection threaten to hold the industry back.

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3 Defensive Mid Caps to March Into This March

Mid-cap land is where many lesser known growth and value stories reside—including these three companies.

Starting a Business

Startup Spotlight: Dubai-Based Indoor Farming Startup KRISPR On A Mission To Transform Agriculture

KRISPR works on reversing nutritional decline by bringing together the best elements of science and technology to cultivate nutritious, fresh, and beyond organic quality food.

Science & Technology

Why Revolutionizing Farming Should Be the Next Space Race

We've seen what's possible in space, now let's do the same on Earth.

Science & Technology

Farmers Need an ROI for Precision-Ag Adoption to Grow

A new report by the USDA shows that only 25% of U.S. farms leverage precision-ag technologies. But in states like California, Iowa and Nebraska, drought, labor and other challenges have spurred innovation.