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Stars Across Borders Look At Bollywood For Inspiration

From 'Raja Harishchandra' the silent film to multiple reels to a single showreel and from zero graphics to animation, Indian cinema has had quite an illustrious journey.

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Ava DuVernay Built a Safety Net In Case "Hollywood Kicks Me Out"

The filmmaker started independent film distribution company ARRAY so she'd always have a "liberated territory" where she could tell stories she cared about.

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The Billions Behind the Minions: What to Know About 'The Rise of Gru'

The Despicable Me franchise and its prequel Minions movies are among the top-grossing animated film franchises of all time.

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6 Straightforward Tips for Aspiring Filmmakers

If you'd like to break into the world of filmmaking, there's a few things you need to know.


3 Ways Businesses Can Benefit From Producing Movies

Various industries tap into filmmaking to harness its potential in reaching their target audience.

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Donald Glover Calls Out 'Boring' Art in the Film and TV Industry, Sparks Conversation About Cancel Culture

The rapper, writer and producer started a larger discussion on Twitter.

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MGM Snags Film Rights to the GameStop Wall Street Trading Story

Less than a week old, and already the tumultuous tale is heading to the big screen.

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Examples of Film-Related Business Ideas

Are you an up-and-coming film entrepreneur? Here are ten examples of film-related business ideas you can gain insights from to ensure your business becomes a success.

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French and South African partners collaborate to support the South African animation industry

A joint effort from the National Film and Video Foundation as well as the French Embassy and Paris-based animation school, Gobelins, is set to boost South Africa's animation industry.

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With Films Like Avengers, Lion King, Has Hollywood Discovered India As The Next Big Market?

One can very well claim that India has become one of the most potential film markets and production houses are working on different innovative strategies to win the audiences here.


Raveena Tandon: Confident & Witty Entrepreneur

We have seen Raveena slaying on-screen, but how has life changed now that she has her own production house


Riding the 'Good' Content Wave

In the fiercely competitive Indian entertainment industry where big production houses pump in huge sums of money to make films work, Manish Mundra's humble production house - through its inclination towards good content over big budgets - has seemed to have found a niche for itself


Top Business Enterprises That Ventured Into The Film Industry

A recent report about Apple pushing a deal to drive inroads to the film Industry proves that investing in the multi-crore film business is the investment trend among business enterprises that sets the cash registers ringing.

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Reasons Why This National Award Winning Film's Producer is Committed to Indie Style

Apart from Newton, Manish Mundra's Drishyam Films has produced Masaan, Dhanak, Umrika, Kadvi Hawa among others


Why is it the Right Time for Entrepreneurs to Invade the Film Industry

India has about 8000 cinema screen, of about 2500 are multiplexes and rest of them our single screen