Saleh Al-Afaliq's Team-Centric Leadership Takes Saudi Arabia-Based Tamweel Aloula To Greater Heights

"We will continue in the digital path and develop more digital products and services as we aspire to be our customers first choice."

Al Waha Fund Of Funds And Hambro Perks Launch A Fintech Venture Studio In Manama

HP Spring Studios is expected significantly enhance the region's fintech ecosystem, as well as improve the way people save, send, lend, manage, and invest their money.

How to Secure a Small Business Grant in 5 Easy Steps

Funding a startup is not easy. These five steps will get you off the ground running.

Planning Is the Key To Successfully Financing Foreign Education

One of the best ways to fund education abroad is through scholarships or sponsorships

Sunit Gajbhiye

Now Is a Better Time Than Ever to Land This Type of Financing for Your Franchise

An economic perfect storm has created a flood of cash in the market.

Dan Rowe

Three Key Benchmarks Financiers Consider Before Funding A Small Business

SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) make up 90% of all businesses. Nonetheless, access to financing continues to be a challenge for them as traditional banks prefer to work with bigger corporations, which are deemed less risky.

Payments Without Borders: Why Your Company Needs a Multi-Currency Account When Doing Business Overseas

This blog post highlights the benefits of having a multi-currency account for businesses.

UAE-Based Proptech Startup Huspy Raises US$37 Million In One Of The MENA's Largest Series A Funding Rounds

Huspy, a UAE-based proptech startup, has raised US$37 million in a round led by venture capital firm Sequoia Capital India.

Pamella de Leon

GetVantage Raises $36 Million

The fund will be used for enhancing technology infrastructure, scale the product suite, expand the company portfolio and explore new market opportunities across Southeast Asia

Teena Jose

3 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Expand Their Financial Portfolio Using NFTs

NFTs are the way of the future, and it's important for entrepreneurs to diversify their holdings.

Cash Isn't (the Only) King: 5 Types of Non-Financial Support Entrepreneurs Need

Money is not the only thing valuable to founders to help them grow.

David Newns

The Importance of Recognizing the Right Investor

As startups race to get their products and services to market and scale their businesses, investors play an important role.

Sagi Gidali