The most useful tips for looking for financing

Are you about to interview potential investors? Make sure you're ready before taking the big step.

Jayson DeMers

Attention entrepreneurs and startups, this is how Corporate Venture Capital invests in Mexico according to study

A recent study revealed that Corporate Venture Capitals in Mexico are increasingly involved in financing startups and entrepreneurs with innovative business models.

Mairem Del Río

The 3 Best Ways to Save on Taxes When You Have Multiple Business Ventures

In today's work world, it's not uncommon for entrepreneurs to earn income from several places -- but the onus is on them to manage and optimize their tax strategies.

Got Only Long-Term Investments on the Brain? Hold up. Here's Why You Should Plan for Short-Term Investments as Well

If you're a planner, you may worry more about your long-term investments than your short-term investments. Here's why you need to consider short-term investments, too.

Melissa Brock

Regulation A+: The Entrepreneur-Friendly Way to Secure Capital

Reg A+ stands as an extremely attractive option because it enables a company to raise capital from both accredited and non-accredited investors. 

Do you want to digitize your SME? BanBajío offers credits for up to 30 million pesos for the technological transformation of your business

BanBajío will provide loans to finance the digitization of small and medium-sized companies through Microsoft's Digital SMEs initiative.

Support program for SMEs launched

They present a financing program of 300,000 to 30 million pesos aimed at companies with income from two to 500 million pesos per year and that have a workforce of around 50 people.

4 Great Ways to Finance Your New Business Venture

Bootstrapping isn't the only way to finance a business.

This fintech raises 5MDD from unicorn founders and angel investors

Clara, financier for the management of expenses within companies, announced today that it has closed an extension of its most recent Series A investment round.