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Walmart-Flipkart Seal the Deal: What You Need to Know

Walmart has acquired 77 per cent controlling stake in Flipkart for $16 billion

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With SoftBank Confirming Flipkart's Buyout, is this the End of an Era For Indian ecommerce?

Walmart picks up a majority stake in Flipkart. But is this the fate of Flipkart that Startup India had hoped for?

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With Flipkart in its Cart, Can Walmart Make Indian E-commerce More Accessible?

Walmart can now ensure its steady growth in India

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Sale of The Year: Amazon Bids for Flipkart Now

Amazon.com Inc has gone out and offered to buy a 60 per cent stake in Flipkart


Why a Boom in E-commerce will Benefit Jobs & Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Indian e-commerce sector is thriving with speed, and opening countless job opportunities and learning prospects for all.


Amid Flipkart Stake Acquisition Rumours, Walmart India Admits to Digital Influence Rising on Consumers

Media reports suggest Walmart will pick majority stake in Indian ecommerce giant Flipkart to take on rival Amazon.com


Google Now Enters Your Home But Will it Leave an Echo?

The tech giant is all set to enter the Indian market with Google Home and Google Home Mini


This Investor Believes that India has Arrived on the Global Market Scene in a Big Way

According to this investor, the country has emerged as a lucrative market for products and services, and entrepreneurs now can do much more than just serving the US's IT sector

Growth Strategies

Follow These #3 Tricks to Start an Online Business Like a Pro

According to a report by consulting firm Zinnov, people are doing business worth $8-9 Billion through Facebook and Whatsapp.

Growth Strategies

The Co-founder Dilemma: To Have or Not To?

De-risking seems to be the primary objective of investors and not the economic impact per se


How Does Outsourcing Helps Save Time and Money?

"It's estimated that 3,00,000 positions are outsourced annually in the US"

Starting a Business

The Startup Curve: An Entrepreneurial Life

A business model never works only on frills and features and adoption of technology comes with value add


Got An Idea? Check if the App Already Exists Before you Proceed

According to the data presented by Statista, about 2.8 million Android apps and 2.2 million iOS apps are available on the respective play stores


From e-Retail to Cloud Services: Amazon is on Overdrive to Beat Flipkart

"You name a sector, and it is driven by cloud-based platforms as this is the future of business."

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What Criteria do Big Businesses Set to Acquire Smaller Companies

Are dead ends for start-ups result of poor planning by acquirers or there is more to this than meets the eye?