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Sandeep Soni


Here's India's Top #45 Technology Incubators

While start-ups and investments went through restructuring, the mentorship and support ecosystem has only gone from strength to strength

The Other Side of the 'Coin'

ICO is a new way of funding a start-up through cyptocurrency as compared to initial public offering (IPO) for any other company.
Social Impact

This Investor Explains Why he Invested in These Social Impact Start-ups

He bets on entrepreneurs who have genuine intent, earnestness and integrity, and... a sense of humour!

Bolt-On Way To Scale

Acquisition strategies for an acquirer company are broadly twofold – one, shaking hands with a competitor, directly or indirectly, and two, with companies that have a product or service or technology...

When Hiring Is About Wordplay

"Very few companies in India work in the video domain. It is a pain point for us to find such people who are passionate about videos and want to work with a startup doing business around videos"

Why Chatbots Are Failing to Strike a Conversation

Sometimes bots don't understand the context and get dysfunctional when made to answer every query under the sun
digital entertainment

These Digital Entertainment Junkies are Out to Conquer the World

What begins now is the democratization of digital entertainment content, led by start-ups, that's snackable, light, personalized, unrestricted and relateable to the millennials

These Entrepreneurs are Making Renting Houses in Mumbai an Easier Task

The duo had started out by renting a small office space in Mumbai with their personal investments.
Business Unusual

The Capital Connector for Entrepreneurs

Singhal drafts few to-dos for entrepreneurs before betting on them – first, tell him why you are passionate about a particular thing and not just for the sake of it.

The Entre-'paw'-neur's Pet Food From Space

Read how start-ups are catering to man's best friend(s)

The Scientific Salesman for Sales Data

PipeCandy has annual contracts with customers like Freshdesk, FarEye, and Zarget and the cost depends on the amount of insight or record a company seeks.

E-commerce Talent - On Hire, Again?

As we expect an uptick in sane capital, would the gold rush in attracting talent stage a comeback?

How a Unique Mobile Hack Brought This Company Back to Life

Quick thinking saved this cloud telephony services company from disaster
Start-up Opportunity

Gobbling Down The Meaty Pie

In the unorganized set up of the industry, dominated by local market mom-and-pop butcher shops and traders, quality is never an issue.

May I Have Your Attention Please?

That's even briefer than goldfish's nine seconds memory.