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EVs Emit More Particle Pollution Than ICE Vehicles: Study

While the focus has traditionally been on tailpipe emissions, this study suggests that particle pollution from brakes and tyres needs to be considered when evaluating the environmental impact of EVs.


Analyzing The Impact On -And What's Next For- The Middle East After The UAE's Momentous Staging Of COP28

The United Nations climate conference in Dubai made history last month, uniting nearly 200 nations to adopt a resolution to "transition away" from coal, oil and gas in this decade.

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Buy Haliburton On Post-Earnings Weakness

Shares of Haliburton (NYSE: HAL) are pulling back from a long-term high and we think it is setting up the next buying opportunity for the stock. The main driver of...

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4 Downtrodden EV Stocks: Buy the Dip

Looking for stocks that deserve a hard look right now? Take a look at these four EV stocks.

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3 Clean Energy Stocks to Buy for a Green Future

In this article, we feature 3 clean energy stocks to buy for a green future.


Why Coal Will Continue To Be Integral To India's Overall Energy Mix

There are several impediments to making renewable energy a key component of a sustainable energy future and attaining stipulated renewable energy targets

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India Lost INR 10.7 lakh crore to Air Pollution: Report

Globally, fossil fuel-driven air pollution has caused a loss of $2.9 trillion, according to a Greenpeace report