Funding outlook

Starting a Business

How Has 2018 Been for These Eight Unicorns

We take a close look at the journey of startups that achieved the unicorn status in the previous year


Funding The Future

An unprecedented era of capital abundance is all set to massively accelerate innovation in the world as we know it.


The How-To: Sourcing Finance For Early-Stage Growth Of Your UAE Business

To help you assess the different forms of business finance in the UAE, we list a few options for entrepreneurs looking to take their startup or SME to the next level.

Growth Strategies

Why More Is So Less For Indian Entrepreneurs

"The more the investors show interest in you, better the bargain you can strike"


No Startup Funding? Follow These Tips to Bootstrap Your Dream

Four ways that have helped me not only sustain but also stay profitable without startup funding


Investor Outlook: Seed Funding Needs to go Beyond the Money

Mentoring is the key to avoid a shutdown of your funded companies

News and Trends

Post Stayzilla, TVF Fiascos, Should Investors Amend their Due Diligence Strategies for Indian Startups

The bizarre state of events has forced the ecosystem goers to think whether it's time for startup investors to rework their funding strategies and due-diligence before backing entrepreneurs.

Growth Strategies

Downturn In eCommerce Funding And Startup Valuations

Interestingly the trend of Investments has remained difficult and different in 2016.


Small Business Funding Options Are Plentiful When You Know Where to Look

Non-bank lenders provide many new avenues to financing for businesses.


How CREO Snapped Funding From Top League Investors

Smartphone market is like a fish market today, there is no differentiating factor between products.


Investments In Indian Startups Are Back And How!

Indian startups raised $1.73 billion during January-March 2016.


4 Options for Raising Capital From Friends, Investors or Even the Feds

Few entrepreneurs are self funded, all the rest need to jump through hoops and negotiate a web of rules.


Venture Capitalist Investing Might Take a Dip in 2013

Seed-stage companies had a particularly rough go in 2012, and money will likely to be sparser in 2013.

Buying / Investing in Business

What's Ahead in 2013 for Venture Capital

Startups in enterprise IT are more likely to come out ahead next year, but those in the consumer space may have a harder time getting funding.

Buying / Investing in Business

What Facebook's IPO Means for VCs and Entrepreneurs

The social networking giant's showing on the public market may land with a thud.