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Looking Into Renewable Energy Trends? Your Best Bets

The renewable energy industry's most popular names have put their cards on the table, and markets are calling out the winner of the pot today.

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Are 3M, Honeywell, GE Buys After Quarterly Reports?

Industrials 3M, Honeywell and General Electric are all trading higher following recent earnings reports. The broader sector is also rallying in the past month.

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GE to Split Into 3 Companies Focused on Aviation, Healthcare, Energy

In a Nov. 9 press release, the company said it plans to spin off GE Aviation, GE Healthcare, and the combined GE Renewable Energy, GE Power, and GE Digital into three separate "industry-leading, investment-grade public companies" in order "to realize the full potential of each business."

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GE to Break Up Into Three Companies

The companies will each have a specific focus: Aviation, health care and energy.


Growing Vietnam's Flourishing Solar Energy

The energy demand will rise by over 10 per cent per year by the end of 2020 and by 8 per cent per year in 2021-2030 in Vietnam

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GE Plans World's Largest Laser-Powered 3D Printer

The Atlas printer is designed to churn out parts up to one meter long, including entire engine blocks for automobiles.


Digital Twins and AI Help Extract Maximum Value in the Industrial IoT

As the Industrial Internet revolution comes closer to reality, GE's Narayanan is helping drive the creation of new value with market facing innovation at GE Global Research working with the GE businesses & customers.

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General Electric Is Selling Its $3 Billion Industrial-Solutions Business

This comes as part of a push to focus on its core businesses.

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A Terrifying Public Speaking Moment Taught the Co-Founder of Square to Honor a Rebellious Spirit of Skepticism

Jim McKelvey advises aspirational entrepreneurs to listen to the stories of accomplished people with a healthy dose of skepticism. Listen and learn, to be sure, but don't take anyone else's journey as gospel.


A Greener & Clearer Bike That's All Electric

The toxic levels of air pollution hint for an urgent switch to electric vehicles - this start-up is doing exactly that


Get your smartphone to run your bike

This make in India concept is adding flexibility between motorized biking and manual cycling.


GE Makes Its Own Hot Sauce to Attract Millennial Engineers

General Electric has teamed up with Thrillist to combine science and food trends in its latest scheme to attract up-and-coming talent.


Indian Startups that Were Providing Electrical Solutions Before Tesla Motors

For everyone that cannot afford a 23 lacs "affordable" electric car that Tesla will provide

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State Street to Buy GE Asset Management for Up to $485 Million

State Street beat out bids from Goldman Sachs and others.

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GE to Sell Appliances Business to China's Haier for $5.4 Billion

The giant's $3.3 billion-proposed deal with Electrolux fell through following months of opposition from U.S. antitrust regulators.