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A Beloved Snack Is Trending on TikTok — But Some Are Claiming to Eat It in an Extremely Dangerous Way

The viral trend of adding ice cream is fine, but some users are taking it too far.

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Hot Potato: Lamb Weston Stock Confirms a Top

Lamb Weston continues to move higher in the wake of FQ1 earnings. Don't chase that price — the stock is at a level that could cap gains or spark a...

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General Mills Claims to Sell a 'First of Its Kind' Product That Has Been Eaten by Native Americans for Hundreds of Years

Epic Provisions, owned by the food giant, took credit for creating a buffalo meat and dried fruit bar, but Native Americans have been eating it for hundreds of years. Another company also debuted a similar product years before.

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General Mills Has Released Its First New Cereal in 15 Years -- Start Up Your Day Roundup

Plus: Burger King combined a Whopper with a burrito.


Where on Earth Is Buzz? Why Honey Nut Cheerios Nixed Its Busy Bee.

General Mills Canada aims to put a cause-marketing bee in your bonnet about the horrifying plight of our pollinating friends. But first, your contact information, please.

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Can Established Food Brands Stomach a Change in Customer Demands?

When food giants acquire small brands, the results are a mixed bag.


OK, You Can Sue Us: General Mills Scraps Controversial Terms of Service Updates

Bowing to customer outrage, the food giant has done an about-face on its terms of service.


Dislike: If You 'Like' General Mills on Facebook, You Can't Sue the Company

The American food manufacturer has made an unprecedented sneaky, (anti)social media move to keep itself out of court.