How You Can Get Ahead in Business in Just 5 Minutes

In today's world, giving to others gets results. Author Adam Grant explains his strategy for helping others -- on your own terms.

Zach Obront

· 4 min read

The Joy of Now

Among the fruits of success is the freedom to live one's highest values without fear or constraint.

Kim Walsh Phillips

· 5 min read

10 Simple Daily Practices That Will Make You Happier

Happy people don't live drastically different lives. They just appreciate all there is to be happy about.

Deep Patel

· 6 min read

Even the Smallest Acts of Generosity Make You Happier, New Study Reveals

It doesn't matter how big or small your acts of generosity are, they result in a warm glow in parts of your brain.

Rose Leadem

· 2 min read

4 Ways Leaders Can Get More by Giving More

Helping others achieve their goals is one of the best ways to ensure your own success. Start by saying 'yes' and 'thank you' more often.

Todd Wolfenbarger

· 5 min read

5 Things Millionaires Do That Most People Don't

Hard work and focus have more to do with acquiring wealth than anything else.

Timothy Sykes

· 5 min read

The Selfish Reason You Should Be Extremely Generous

People who give, especially when they don't have to, are happier, healthier and less stressed.

Tasha Eurich

· 7 min read

The 4 Enduring Qualities of Accomplished Leaders

Generosity, respect, integrity, and truth are the personal qualities of leaders who inspire their teams.

Laurie Sudbrink

· 4 min read

12 Habits of Exceptional Leaders

Great leadership is dynamic. It melds a variety of unique skills into an integrated whole.

Travis Bradberry

· 8 min read

Watch: Customers Surprise Beloved Bagel Shop Worker With a Car

'She's Shirley,' said Craig Boyd, a regular customer. 'She takes care of us and always has a smile.'

Geoff Weiss

· 2 min read

There Are 8 Indispensable Elements of Real Wealth and 7 Aren't Money

There is no contradiction between realizing financial security is crucial to happiness and that money really isn't everything.

Peter Voogd

· 6 min read