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The Gifting Connoisseur: Ruchita Bansal

Ruchita thought of utility as a gifting idea. She promoted the idea of non-disposable gifting to utility gifting. Her thought process started by creating something which is more useful and sustainable so that people will use it for the long term.

News and Trends

How a Video Greeting Card Uses QR Code To Add a Personal Touch To Your Gifts

GiftLips can turn your video greetings into level-up printed greeting cards by embedding your videos into a QR code

News and Trends

Is This Time-Poor Generation Fuelling The USD$31 Billion Gifting Market?

The rise in gifting culture sees an increasing demand for personalised gifts while the gifting market reaches a CAGR of 8.5 per cent by 2021

Growth Strategies

How to Break Through Competition in the Business of Online Gifting

To break through the cloud of competition, one needs to be adept in handling online marketing tools