Google Docs


Google integrará un asistente de escritura impulsado por la inteligencia artificial a Gmail y Google Docs

Si necesitas ayuda para escribir, próximamente la inteligencia artificial estará a tu servicio en la suite de Google.


La función de texto asistido de Google Docs ofrece fallidas sugerencias de lenguaje inclusivo

Aunque bien intencionada la herramienta evidencia lo lejos que la inteligencia artificial está de ser humana.

Science & Technology

Google Docs Assisted Text Feature Fails In Its Inclusive Language Suggestions

Although well-intentioned, the tool shows how far artificial intelligence is from being human.


Finally, a Tool That Seamlessly Imports Google Docs to WordPress Without Ditching the Formatting

Save editing time and work more productively with Word Pigeon.

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Four Tips for Getting your Remote Work Policies Right

In the past five years, the number of organizations that offer flexible or completely remote work options have risen by 40 per cent

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Samsung Surpasses Xiaomi & Fake Elon Musks, Beware! 4 Things to Know Today

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18 Tools That Saved Time and Grew My Business

These affordable tools and apps helped this entrepreneur see marked growth throughout 2016.

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Search Like You Talk on Google Drive

Plus, Google added a few other 'small but mighty' features in Docs to help you out.

Data & Recovery

Meeting? Uh, What Meeting?! Google Calendar Is Down.

Take the day off. Time has lost all meaning.

Business News

Is Dropbox Planning to Take on Google Docs?

An apparent leak shows that the online file storage company is building a word processing service to challenge Google's.


From a Legal Standpoint, Should You Go With Google Docs or Office Online?

Forget the features list and ease of use. There are some serious implications to consider with the companies privacy policies.

Thought Leaders

5 Essential Steps to Achieving Balance as a Mom Running a Business

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