Business News

Man Dies in Harrowing Miscalculation By GPS System

A North Carolina man was led to a bridge that closed almost a decade ago by his GPS system.


Con realidad aumentada e IA el futuro de los sistemas de navegación promete una mejor visión del tráfico en las vías

La startup Atlas Navi desarrolló un sistema de navegación que aprovecha las cámaras de los smartphones para medir el tráfico en tiempo real sin necesidad de reportes manuales


Google Maps ahora mostrará el costo de las casetas de cobro en tus rutas

La aplicación de navegación llevaba unos meses trabajando en la actualización para llevarla a todos sus usuarios.


Ford propone controlar la velocidad de los vehículos en zonas urbanas vía GPS para reducir el número de accidentes

Las ciudades serían amuralladas para que los vehículos tengan que bajar la velocidad una vez que entren en ellas.

Growth Strategies

How Car Rental Companies are Changing the Face of Shared Mobility in India

Driven by the need to offer sustainable transport that is both cost and energy efficient, car rental services have ensured that they harness the potential of new-age technology


How Mapping Technology Will Disrupt Several Industries ?

The mapping technology will impact travel, retail, real estate, autonomous transport, gaming, and many more industries in coming years.


This Navigation App is Banking on Augmented Reality to Take on Competitors

The AR City's navigation is in AR, 3D and not on a 2D map like other standard navigation apps (Google or Apple Maps)


H'APP'Y To Help

Different technologies are changing the way how we think about managing civic issues.


Can Car Sharing Curb Traffic Congestion And Pollution?

Car sharing, implemented smartly, can replace 25 cars with 1 car in India


P2P Lending And Uberization Of Financial Services In India

Barriers in lending money have been broken as the most important aspect of lending is the access to financial data

Growth Strategies

The Cornerstones of a Successful Mobile Website Strategy

The first step that you need to take is to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.


The Runners Up For Connected Cars 2017 Are Here. Who Will Be The Winner?

Global automakers are forming partnerships and cashing in on connected car technology that is set to radically change the industry.

Science & Technology

3 Tracking Technologies That Will Change the Future

Sure, you already know about GPS. But livestock tracking? Fog computing? Bet you haven't heard of those. You will.


The only Offline GPS Compass App you'll need for Trekking

Going trekking? Use this free GPS compass that works completely offline!

Growth Strategies

Here's How This Enterprise-focused Telematics Startup Walked the Path to Profitability

In a B2B startup, in addition to the product, "Momentum and Market size" are two critical factors that investors look for.