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3 Bad Leadership Habits to Leave Behind This Year

Stemming the losses from the Great Resignation are a top priority for leaders this year. The changes needed are not all about the employees. Here are three leadership habits to leave in the past as we charge full speed ahead.

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Arizona CEO Has Unique Solution to the 'Great Resignation,' Offers New Hires $5,000 to Quit

Chris Ronzio, CEO of software company Trainual, doubled the quitting bonus after 4.5 million employees left their jobs in November.

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A Record 4.5 Million People Quit Their Jobs in November: Report

A US Labor Report reveals the Great Resignation's staying power.


The Seasonal Labor Shortage is a Harbinger of an Evolving Hourly Jobs Market

Nearly 60% of the American workforce is paid hourly and have been on the front lines of the pandemic. Now they are using their collective power to disrupt the way businesses think about staffing.

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4 Ways to Lead Your Organization Through the Omicron Surge

Leaders are scrambling to minimize the highly contagious variant's impact on employees' mental health and engagement, while avoiding another wave of the Great Resignation.


Replacing the Hustle Mindset With the Unhustle Mindset

Hustle culture is detrimental to our humanity.

Employee Experience & Recruiting

The Great Resignation is Quickly Becoming The Great Revolt: 5 Actions Leaders Should Take Now

Is the hybrid work going to change work as we know it? What does this mean for our future?

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Gas Station's Sole Worker Leaves After Being Treated 'Horribly'

A Pennsylvania gas station briefly closed on Tuesday after its only employee at the time walked off.

Starting a Business

The Most Important First Step When Starting a Business

While there are many things to consider and tasks to do when starting a business, this first step alone may decide whether your new venture is successful.


Quality Leadership in the 'Great Resignation' Era

Leaders need to anticipate accept this new way of business and adapt.

Science & Technology

Why Employee Retention Is More Important Than Ever Before in the Technology Industry

With industries like technology being heavily impacted by the 'Great Resignation', every company must devise strategies to retain talent.


How to Keep Your Most Valued Employees During 'The Great Resignation'

Companies that keep the best people on their team know that every employee's healthy work-life balance is different.