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How AI Is Transforming Industries

According to a TeamLease report, AI is expected to add USD 450- 500 billion by 2025 and USD 967 billion by 2035 to the Indian economy. Several industries and businesses are optimistically integrating tech tools to improve customer experience, increase marketing and sales, and have an edge over their competitors

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How to Create a Successful Product Portfolio

Investing time into a portfolio can create products that meet customer expectations and deliver significant value in return.

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How to Build a Successful (and Profitable) Media Production

Media production is a crowded market, but following a few pointers can help spotlight your show and get people talking.

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The Top 5 Fastest Growing Industries in 2023

Keep an eye on these industries this year.

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Industries Reopening: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About the New Cybersecurity Landscape

There is a heightened need to be prepared and protected against cybersecurity threats

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5 Trends That Will Transform India's Co-Working Industry

In the coming years, co-working spaces will provide seamless work experiences to their occupants by offering recreational services like de-stressing zones, sleeping pods, etc

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Human Resources is Now People Management. Do You Have The Skills?

HR departments have significantly evolved their work processes and people management has come to be a main focus

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Young Talent in Demand! Hiring Trends Witness a Positive Jump (Infographic)

From August 2017 to August 2018, hiring activities driven by growth in the consumer sector have witnessed a significant rise


5 Industries Blockchain is Slated to Disrupt in The Coming Years (Infographics)

Technological innovation is impacting the businesses severely, making way for new and improvised opportunities


5 Ways Manufacturers Can Leverage Technology to Curb Counterfeiting

If you are a manufacturer you don't want someone to copy your product so we bring to you the best tactics to fight forgery

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Five Key Factors to Consider When Starting a Second Startup

When you enter into the space of launching your second start-up, there is a lot of consumer expectations and pressure that awaits you.

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#5 Common Assumptions Made About Businesses

Even after making profits, it often takes months or even years to pay off the initial investments


#4 Ways Start-ups Are Hopping On The GST Bandwagon

Entrepreneurs are quickly turning around their business schedules to launch products aligned with new tax regime


Digital Twins and AI Help Extract Maximum Value in the Industrial IoT

As the Industrial Internet revolution comes closer to reality, GE's Narayanan is helping drive the creation of new value with market facing innovation at GE Global Research working with the GE businesses & customers.

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This Is the Year of the Machine Learning Revolution

To predict the future, we look at the data we have about the past.