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Is a Hackathon Right for Your Company? Here's What You Should Know.

Holding a hackathon inspires your teams, surfaces top talent, builds loyalty and camaraderie, and, of course, reveals solutions for bedeviling, chronic issues.

News and Trends

Microsoft Announces Hackathon For Future Ready Apps

The hackathon will involve a real-life business problem, which the participants have to solve using services on the Azure platform, used by Microsoft's clients in their cloud and digital transformation solutions

News and Trends

CoinSwitch To Collaborate With Startup Karnataka To Host Blockchain Hackathon

The hackathon is organized to recognize the blockchain-based solutions for the everyday problems facing by the citizens across the country


Meta, UAE Office For Artificial Intelligence, UAE Coders HQ, And Museum of the Future Invite Entries For Spark AR Hackathon Challenge Running From June 17-July 1, 2022

Creators and developers across the world will be able to register for the first global Spark AR Hackathon Challenge, organized by Meta in collaboration with the UAE Office for Artificial Intelligence, UAE Coders HQ, and the Museum of the Future, with the deadline for entries being June 17, 2022.

Growth Strategies

It's Not Just About The Tech: How Hackathons Foster People Skills In Its Participants

The purpose of a hackathon is not merely about winning, but about being part of a collaborative experience.


This Startup Is Disrupting Decentralized Data Storage Industry

StorX is one of the newcomers to the market of decentralized cloud data storage, but has gained popularity

News and Trends

Darwazah Center's Hackathon Looks For Tech Solutions For Ineffective Foreign Aid Management in Lebanon

Three Lebanese startups won the Darwazah Center's "Data for Good- I Code for Lebanon" hackathon by trying to solve "waste" or "leakage" in the current system of foreign aid disbursement in Lebanon.

Real Estate

Can a Hackathon Revitalize the Real Estate Industry?

Popular companies like Airbnb and Uber have revolutionized their respective industries and made the big firms think about how they do business. Strangely enough, real estate hasn't seen its innovation moment yet.


Driving Progress By Enabling Innovation Anywhere, Anytime

Along with our efforts to grow sustainable communities, however, comes an emphasis on removing execution barriers in order to preserve the possibilities for developers and startups. As many entrepreneurs grappled with the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic, so came the need to identify new ways to provide them with the resources they needed.

News and Trends

Arab Youth Center Announces Inaugural Youth Hackathon To Combat Challenges Related To The COVID-19 Crisis In Arab Societies

The contest is to be held over a three-week period from May 12 to May 31 and encourages Arab youth to provide technically innovative and implementable solutions to the current challenges.

Starting a Business

How Startup Challenges are Helping Fintech and Agri Sectors

Before the industry became as big as it is now, fintech and agri startups' main arena to attract investments were startup competitions


How Companies are Using Hackathons to Hire, Train, and Engage Right Talent

Through hackathons, recruiters are replacing intimidating interviews with a competitive drill where candidates can show their skills in real-time

Growing a Business

Sowing the Seeds: What Gardening Teaches About Leadership

A garden is an ecosystem and so is your business. Designing, experimenting and prioritizing lead to a bountiful harvest.


Andhra Pradesh Intends to Create all Digital Assets Via Blockchain by 2019-end

Andhrapreneurship will focus on Fintech and Blockchain to race ahead