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4 Apps for Mental Health and Stress Relief Amidst COVID-19

While mental health is not something you can deal with overnight, some innovative mental health apps can really ease the burden


Solving Women's Problems Through Innovative Startup

Addressing the many problems in a woman's life!


Your Weight Loss App May Just Be A Placebo, If it Even Worked

A recent survey concludes some of the most popular weight loss apps have literally no scientific backing at all

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Apps as Fortune Tellers? 5 Ways Predictive Apps Will Change Your World.

Need an Uber? Or the very latest music? Technology is gearing up to know you better than you know yourself.

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The 3 Stakeholders That Make for Meaningful Connectivity

If your company makes devices for connected life, you should be thinking about more than just consumers.

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This Health App Puts Real, Live Medical Professionals In Your Pocket

For $15 a week, Vida delivers live, one-on-one personalized medical advice from health-care pros.