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Easing the stress with new-age health solutions

With rapid scaling and idea-making seen in the Indian eco-system, it is only speculated that the now-easily accessible healthcare systems will try to reach further depths of the country.

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4 Key Health Tech Trends for Businesses in 2024

This year, healthcare faces the influence of pivotal societal drivers: an aging population, the rise of transformative technologies shaping the healthcare landscape, and persistent global economic uncertainties.

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Health Tech Startup Orange Health Raises $25 Million in Series-B Funding Round

The funds raised will be deployed towards deeper investment in product development as well as technology across systems, user experience and building world-class laboratories


Luxury Watchmaker Richard Mille Reaffirms Its Support To Paris Brain Institute To Aid Research For Brain Diseases

This year, the Richard Mille brand is doubling down its support to Paris Brain Institute with the launch of Richard Mille Donors' Club.


Startup Spotlight: Digital Health Screening App CogniSigns Wants To Enable Easy Access To Early Diagnoses

CogniSigns is a digital screening app that uses an algorithm-driven chatbot powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to detect diseases and mental health conditions in a user.

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The Fog of War in Patient-Care Delivery and What's Being Done to Lift It

Here's how we clear the confusion found in patient-care delivery and its dangerous consequences.

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How Health Tech Startups Are Solving the Anti-Aging Problem

Everyone has their own method of seeking out the secrets to longevity, and health tech companies are taking notice.


4 Lessons Learned on My Journey to Digital-Health Entrepreneurship

We're finally at the precipice of the long anticipated transformation in American healthcare. Here are a few key lessons I've learned on my digital-health entrepreneurial journey.

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COVID-19 Is Changing How Women Think About Their Fertility

Here's how one startup is helping them navigate critical decisions around fertility, careers and money.

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[Trends 2020] These Factors Will Shape the Biotechnology Industry

Biotechnology has become the driving force of radical changes in innovation processes in various sectors


Asia 2020: 5 Things to Watch Out for in the Tech Sector

Tech in 2020 will be an exciting space to watch, especially as 5G makes its debut

Growth Strategies

Why Innovation in Healthcare is Important?

Those with limited access to reliable primary healthcare often resort to other measures to care for their health or for the health of their loved ones


How Health-Tech Wearables Come Along With Data Privacy Concern

Data Privacy In The Age Of Wearables


UAE's Flexible Fitness Marketplace FittPass Wants To Get The Region Moving (And Saving)

Imagine having an à la carte sort of fitness model that helps you indulge in any preferred fitness activity in your city without having to commit long-term.